Why children need to avoid speaking with strangers

Once when I was a child. About 11 years. There werent any Mosque nearby. So me and my brother had to spend our summer holiday to learn to read quran. The distance to the Mosque was about 1 hour each way. And we had to go to the nearest town. I remember once when we were on our way back from the Mosque. We were waiting at the train Station for the next train. When one man approached us. He started a conversation with us. And we shared Information with him. After the conversation he asked if he could take a photo of us. And then he went away, and we took the train to our home. That day when we were standing In the train, i suddenly started crying. Because I thought that think if this man was evil and will do something evil to us? I dont understand why we accepted to speak with him, and regretted. Nowadays In many neighbourhoods In Norway, etnhical Norwegians have driven besides the schools trying to get In talk with children. Saying to them that they have candy In the car. Parents have talked about this In ceveral Facebook groups and are really concerned about their children. What if they share some personal Information with anyone evil and are harmed because of it. Its so important to speak about this with your children. So that they arent harmed. Tell them to never speak with anyone on the way back from school. And make sure that they run away the moment a car-driver ask them of anything. May God keep our neigbourhoods safe.

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