I Want A Spiritual Alive Heart

Everyone wants to protect the people they care for. No matter what religion, color, ethnicity you have. You try your best to help, protect, provide for the people you love. If their air is polluted in your city, and your child has allergies or asthma, you will do everything you can to move to a… Continue reading I Want A Spiritual Alive Heart

Patiently Keep Company With The Believers

The command to recite the Quran and patiently keep company with the believers, Surah Kahf ayat 27-28. "And recite what has been revealed to you O Muhammad of your Lords Book. None can change His Words, and none will you find as a refuge other than Him. And keep yourself O Muhammad patiently with those… Continue reading Patiently Keep Company With The Believers

Door To Your Heart

If you open the door to the heart You can hear the beat of your soul as it contemplates on our Lord. When we see with the eyes in our heart We often see the brokenness that is living inside. The hurt that people cause, No person is without, It can only be mended with… Continue reading Door To Your Heart

The Angels Look For Gatherings :)

The Angels Look For Gatherings Of remembrance Of Allah On The Earth 🙂 SubhanAllah! The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) has said: " Allah has some angels who look for those who celebrate the Praises of Allah on the roads and paths. And when they find some people celebrating the Praises of Allah, they call each… Continue reading The Angels Look For Gatherings đŸ™‚