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We know that many muslim families in the west, help their children start wearing hijab from primary school. Many non-muslim disagree about this practice. Even politicians have spoken against it, and want the authorities to ban hijab from school. Hijab is fardh, obligatory, from puberty, in Islam. The years before puberty it is optional for the child if she prefers to wear it. Often parents want the child to start with hijab early, because parents want their child to use hijab from their early teens. If they get used to the idea, it will become an easy choice for them to choose it also for their early adulthood. The problem arises because non-muslims think that children are forced to wear hijab. So they are thinking about banning it so no child is forced to wear it. The parents here are helping children wear covering clothing that increases the dignity and honour of girls. That can prevent them from becoming easy victims of sexual abusers.

Teens Who Hide Their Age

How do they dress in the west? Children are influenced to wear clothing like adults. The media, commercials, socializing with friends, celebrities sites. A whole industry of buying what is “popular” right now. The pressure is immense. Many children wear revealing clothing that adults wear, that while their real age is 10, they look like they are adults. In other words, 15-20 years ago, it was easy to see the real age of children from what clothing they wear and their behaviour. Now that is impossible. The influence of youtube and media, how a child behaves and what she chooses to wear, often robs them from their childhood. The children’s mind and thoughts mature faster than their age. When children, girls, behave and think and wear clothing that is above their age, they will easily attract the opposite gender who are more mature and elder than them. When they go places no-one knows their real age, they can easily fake being 18 etc. We know the issue about under aged children, fake ID and trying to get in contact with elder people, just to experience the thrill of having done something brave, and a good story when they meet their ordinary friends. We have heard real incidents in Norway and in uk about underaged girls having sexual relations with men in their twenties. There is a possibility that these girls have hid their real age. We can`t be assured that it is only the mens fault. It is of great trouble for the community when children look like adults, because of what they wear and how they behave. It is very important for a child to have friends that are on their own age and not above their age. When they first grow up, they can`t be a child again. But if they grow up too early, and we could prevent it, we robbed their childhood from them. That is really sad. If we are to decide that a muslim child can`t cover themselves completely, I think it is also about time we decide that non-muslims are not allowed to wear certain revealing clothing at the primary school. If we Morally evaluate the effect of half-naked children at school, compared to all-covered children at school, the effect of lesser clothing, is worse than the effect of those who choose to cover themselves completely.

How A Rapist Choose His Victim

When we read about those who have raped, some people have done a study of these people. As to why they rape, and who they choose. In these studies, they have come to the conclusion that if the rapist saw two women coming to the area he wants to attack, and one of them are dressed half-naked and the other is wearing covering clothing, he will choose the woman with less clothing. In other words, the rapist won`t choose a woman who is covered. Even though we agree that raping is not allowed. And those who rape are not allowed to rape, even if the whole town doesn`t wear clothing. Even if it is not the victims fault that she is being raped. To protect her from being raped, every caring mother would tried to convince her daughter to not wear these clothing outside the house, where she is in danger of being a victim of abuse. Where she can come across other rapists. We have to help our children make good choices so we can save them from these dangerous people. No-one sends their children to dangers. We love our children more than we love ourselves.

How Can Our Sons Focus Easier And Learn More At School

When there comes to understanding relationships and why and how men or women behave, we all agree that they are different. Different in how they understand love, how they understand respect, different in what qualities are important for them in their relationship. Men are turned on differently then women. Men are visual. The more of beauty that can be seen of a woman the more the man will have difficulties to not look. In the book “What you need to know about inner life of men” by Shaunti Feldhahn, she explains how men think and why. This is how Allah made men. This is the test of men. If women are more aware of their clothing when they step outside their home, and hide their beauty with hijab, many men would have easier days outside their homes. If men lose focus of what they are doing when they see a beautiful woman, I`m positive so does a boy lose focus of what they are doing when they see a beautiful girl at school. As a mother of boys, how well do you think your sons focus is in school, if a girl, a class-mate of his is wearing half-naked clothing every day of summer?

I Worry More About My Daughters

Often people worry about mothers of daughters, because they think that they have a more difficult job raising their children than those mothers of sons. I don`t think the one is easier or more difficult than the other. Both jobs, raising a son or a daughter is challenging. It is important to teach both genders to behave modestly and good. Sons must be taught to respect women regardless of how they behave. Women must be taught to respect themselves and behave with dignity and honour and protect their beauty. If we allow children to go around half-naked at school and ban those people who choose to cover themselves completely, we are shooting ourselves, by making it more troublesome for the children to focus in their learning, and may not be able to protect them from illicit relations / problems were the moral standards are low. If the authorities could balance their decision, it would be more helpful. Do not allow children to wear half-naked clothing of sexual art at school. Those children who choose to cover themselves should be allowed. If we think from what the child says, that she is being forced to wear a hijab, than take action. If we find out that children are wearing hijab with free will, it should be allowed. There should be some sort of balance. Non-muslims do not understand the detrimentalness of socializing between boys and girls who have no sence of modesty, dignity and honour. The police in Norway often update their social media platform, with info about crimes in Norway. Lately they have said that there is an increase of sexual offences. Many experts in the field assume there are much higher number of sexual assaults than what is reported to them. This often comes from filth in the media, nudity, weird programs on internet and tv, internet and socializing with the wrong people and alcohol and drugs. No boundaries is equal to chaos. If we look at the behaviour of places in Norway there is more muslim youth and places where there are less muslim youth, experts say in places with many muslims, the youth smoke less and drink less alcohol. And places where there are less muslim youth, the youth drink more alcohol. It is said that if the parents drink alcohol, it is likely that their children will adopt the drinking habits of their parents.

Males Have Higher Suicidal Rate Than Females

If we look at the education of muslims and foreigners, they are on top when it comes to taking higher education. Especially the girls. The boys are behind and often drop out of studies, whether they are ethnical Norwegians or foreigners. Maybe the reason why boys /males are behind when it comes to higher studies is the fitnah, tribulations they experience. In Norway the rate of suicide amongst teenage boys and men have increased. Oslo is the only city who lately has employed male nurses at primary school. In order to deal with this issue. Males often feel stigmatized if and when they speak about their troubles. That is why we need to research more about how males are coping in their studies from first grade to completed bachelor degree. There has always been an increase of females completing their studies. I haven`t heard any research about the males who drop-out. As to the reasons behind their drop-outs. Norwegians doesn`t understand the trouble of temptation for males in the educational system and after they are employed. Because the revealing clothing of girls and women, are never discussed. Sadly, rape of male is never heard or discussed in Norway, either. The solution of hijab for females is a solution that respects how males are wired by vision. Still it`s seen as something negative. The researchers in Norway arent researching about sexual violence towards males, just because it is under-reported. That only underlines that the problem is much greater than we know. When we speak about women that they need to keep themselves in modest clothing. The Feminist women says, this is discrimination. Think for a moment. If you had a allergy and can`t drink anything with milk. And everywhere you saw, there were people drinking and enjoying glasses of milk. How would your day have been, in such a place. When we understand other people`s weaknesses/qualities, we are supposed to respect them and help them. Using this against them would be very evil. The same about how men are wired by sight. If we respect that males are wired as by sight. And respect that Allah has made men like that. And if we would want men to have lesser difficulty going out for school, college, work, we would dress in that manner that men would easily have control on their desires. This can also be a reason for why Allah wants women to cover themselves in front of males. Islam respects the males psychology just as much as the females psychology. We need to be more frank about what males are facing when they step outside their homes. Islam has solutions that help communities prosper. When we understand some of the wisdom, it is easier to live by it. So we see that the muslim community has also increased the communities with goodness. It is not all negative. But negative information gets more coverage in media. They blow up information. People who don`t know or check the real facts, start believing the mis-information of many journalists. May Allah help communities in Norway and worldwide prosper. Aamen.

Ya Allah, please help us to protect every ummati from negative influence and grant every ummati all good righteous company everyday, all day. Help us to protect our communities for our families and for the families that will live here in the future. Aamen

It is not difficult to understand that we help and protect those we love, more than others. Even though we are helpful to a stranger in need. It is humanly love, that it hurts us more if someone cause pain to people or creatures who are close to us. 

Imagine how much it angers Allah, when someone He loves, is caused pain by people. The honor of a person that is close to Allah is more important to Allah than the qaaba itself. Is it possible for anyone to understand how angry Allah becomes, when someone tries to dis-honor such a person, again and again. 

It is not we who decide who Allah will honor. He doesn’t look at our possesions, he looks at our sincerity, intention and quality of our deeds according to our capability. No matter how much someone tries to dis-honor someone, if Allah honors him, he will be honoured. Allah honours those who humble themselves for Him. 

May Allah lead you to repentence, long before you are seized by the punishments, so that you are able to decrease it or be saved from it. Aameen.

light candle for peaceIt is quite interesting what the muslims has become. Whole her 20 years our daughter hasn’t prayed, worn hijab, or had the character of a good muslimah. But on her wedding (21 years old), we are holding a Quran over her head, as she leaves the wedding hall with 2000 people, when she is heading towards expensive car, with her non-hijabi wedding-dress. Somehow parents think that this will save her life she is starting with her husband.  Even though the parents didn’t spend time in teaching her good values, manners, sunnah and knowledge of Islam. Parents maybe think that keeping the Quran over her head would, in a magically way, make everything perfect. Most asian live their life, totally progressive of their religion. We backbite, we lie, we quarrel, we disrespect, we don’t pray, we listen and watch totally un-islamic media, we stab our friends for our personal benefit. In fact, most of us, live over 70% of our lives in a way that is totally un-islamic.

We remember Islam When

When someone disrespect our Prophet pbuh. Oh our eyes becomes read with anger and we will kill and destroy anything that comes in our way when we find out. Although the, car or people on the road nearby didn’t have anything with one person disrespecting our Prophet pbuh, we think that killing and destroying anything when we get angry because of our love for the Prophet pbuh, is justified. After all were saving his honour pbuh.

Anger Or Not Anger That Is The Question

Were not actually living life according to his pbuh sunnah or Quran, but still when someone says anything bad about our Prophet pbuh we get angry. Aren’t we being just as disrespecting of our prophet when we don’t cultivates his values, conduct, character in our lives and our families lives? When we ourselves are making fun of him by saying we are his followers but not following his pbuh way. There was a sahabi raa that wanted the prophet pbud to advice him, so he asked: “Advice me”. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said :” don’t get angry”. The sahabi asked again, because he was expecting another message. The Prophet pbuh said to him three times :”don’t get angry”.

The Sunnah Of Taif

Here is our situation. We are killing a person that disrespected our Prophet pbuh. When the sunnah of our Prophet, when he walked back from Taif, when he was brutally wounded, and blood on his clothes, he prayed for the people of Taif. And alhamdolillah a few years generations later, the muslims in Taif increased.
We don’t behave or talk or deal with others in a muslim way. Because of our un-islamic behaviour, people think that if this is what Islam is, than they are not good people. Since we are so poor ambassador of the religion we love, people talk bad about our religion. But they don’t understand. The religion is in fact great, but we don’t live our life as beautiful as a good muslim. When we make mistakes and people know we claim we are muslims, they interpret, this behaviour is Islam. But they are wrong. The sunnah of our Prophet and the Quran, is Islam. How we manage or don’t manage to implement it in our life, is our attempt to be a muslim. Our actions tells us if we are true in our claim.

An Easily Approachable Leader – Even for Poor People

When people once in a while came to talk with Prophet Muhammad pbuh, they didn’t know the etiquette of how to behave towards him with respect. Some times when people were very rude while addressing the Prophet pbuh when he pbuh was with his companions, because of the companions love for our Prophet pbuh, they easily took out their sword, and was thinking of killing this person. The Prophet pbuh because of his perfect wisdom, calmed them down and addressed the person in the most nice way. He pbuh didn’t say : he disrespected me, cut his throat”. He had such a good dealings with people. It is because of his good manners and dealings he managed to change hearts. Not by killing anyone or everyone who disagreed with him or didn’t give him the esteem he has. It is only through good behaviour we can change bad behaviour. Hate will not decrease hate. Only love can do that. When we start living our 70% of lives practising his deen we will be able to change other people’s bad opinion of our Islam and our Prophet pbuh. If we are not going to follow his ways, than we should be careful of claiming that we are muslims. Because our wrong behaviour is disrespecting and dishonouring him pbuh. And most people hate Islam, because it is true that we are more progressive than practising of the beauties of it. May Allah guide us of becoming good practising muslims. And understand that killing one person that disagrees with us today, will make ten more people on that persons side tomorrow. Instead use good aadab, sunnah, reasoning a try to change their thinking. Killing them won’t change the fact that they think wrong of us. And keep in mind that german person that used a lot of his life talking bad about Islam and even disrespecting our prophet pbuh. A few years later he converted to Islam, because he found beauty in it. After converting he was so guilty of his disrespect of our Prophet pbuh, he went on Umrah in the Masjid Nabvi and asked for forgiveness. Allah managed to turn his heart towards the truth. From that example we can learn if we stop killing people who hate us, and instead try to reason with them and show them through our behaviour why we are muslims. Not only by lip-service. May Allah make it easy for us. Aameen.

Today One Person Disagrees With Us

We kill him. Tomorrow, ten more people says the same as him. We kill them ten, the day after that, a hundred people say the same as he does. We don`t get more followers of our deen by killing everyone who disagrees with us? We can rather try to change people`s opinions by reasoning with them. Show them why Islam is beautiful. If we do the exact opposite of Islam, and somehow expect that people will love it, we do not have much hikmah to know that were breaking a bridge. Prophet Muhammad didn`t get more followers by killing others. He changed their hearts and reasoned with them, and that reasoning was backed up by his good behaviour, character, conduct. In public and in private. If we follow his pbuh way, we will also one day manage to change hearts and be the reason why people come back to Islam. May Allah make it easy for us. Aameen.

khadijahThe first wife of Prophet Muhammad pbuh, Khadijah raa supported him through difficult times in every possible way, including spending from her wealth. He pbuh is known to have acknowledged and praised Khadijah raa`s support repeatedly. Aisha raa reported that she was so irritated by Muhammad pbuh`s continuous praise of Khadijah raa, so she complained, asking why he continued to remember an old lady who was not so beautiful, when God had replaced her with a more beautiful young woman. He pbuh replied that none of his wives was like Khadijah raa, she attested to his nubuwah at a time when everyone else doubted him, she spent her wealth to support him when no one else was willing to do so, and mothered his children which no other wives did.

He pbuh honoured her even after her death, and sent gifts to her friends and relatives. After she passed away on 10th Ramadan, and his uncle passed away sometime after, he pbuh was given the salah as a gift from Allah for comfort, as his biggest source of comfort was now taken away. She was honoured with salam from Allah by hadrat Jibrael as, and promised such a palace in Paradise where she would not experience any noise and live in tranquility because that is what she provided for Prophet Muhammad pbuh, as long as they were married. During the time of prophet Muhammads pbuh `s marriage to Khadijah raa, he was not married to anyone else. She is the only wife whom had that privilege. Amongst men many attained a status of perfection; but among women only three attained such status: Asiyah, the wife of Pharaoh, Maryam, the mother of Isa /Jesus pbuh and Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid raa.

May Allah guide all women from the Ummah to be like khadijah raa to their spouse. And may Allah give the daughthers of the Ummah such a spouse that has the same conduct and character as prophet Muhammad pbuh ❤ Aameen summa aameen.

status of women in islamI vesten er det et vanlig syn blant de fleste mennesker at kvinner skal ha de samme rettighetene som menn. Dr Zakir Naik har holdt et foredrag om kvinners rettigheter i islam, hvor han sa at kvinner er biologisk, fysiologisk og emosjonelt annerledes enn menn, så hvordan kan de ha den samme rollen i et samfunn som menn da. Å si likestilling blir helt feil, man kan heller bruket ordet likeverd.

For noen titall år siden ble det diskutert hvorvidt kvinner hadde en sjel, mens i Islam ble det for 1300 år siden fortalt via Koranen at kvinner og menn har sjel og er likeverdige. Kvinner har 3 ganger så masse høyere verd enn menn. En av profetens venner kom til profeten Muhammad (pbuh) og spurte profeten; hvem har mest krav på meg? Profeten svarte tre ganger; din mor, fjerde gangen sa han din far. Det betyr at kvinner har veldig høyt verd i Islam. Ikke minst pga smerten de må gjennom ved å bære frem barn og selve fødselen. Profeten Muhammad (pbuh) har selv sagt at Jannah (paradiset) ligger ved moren din sine føtter.

En annen hadith understreker at dersom en far/bror har en eller flere døtre/søstre og de behandler dem bra og sørger for at de tilegner seg bra verdier og døtrene/søstrene gifter seg, så vil Allah gi han beskyttelse fra ilden etter døden/dommens dag og/eller være grunnen til at han får gå til Paradiset.

I kristendommen tros det på at skylden for at Eva as og Adam as ble kastet ut av paradiset, blir lagt på Eva as. Mens i Islam fikk både Eva as og Adam as delt skyld i samme sak. Kvinner i Islam ble gitt rett til å ha sin egen eiendom og lønnen de får når de arbeider eller driver næringsvirksomhet, kan de bruke på det de måtte ønske. Mannen derimot er nødt for å bruke sin lønn på familien sin, deriblant konen, selv om hun har egen inntekt.  Det forklarer hvorfor menn arver mer enn kvinner, fordi de har forsørgeransvaret i familien som fedre/brødre.

Menn og kvinner i islam er gjetere for hver sin flokk, det betyr at de har ulikt ansvar som de må stå til rette for, og som er begge like viktig for at familien skal fungere. Mannen er familiens overhode, men de er alle teamspillere og teamet vil ikke fungere uten bra samarbeid innad. Kvinnene er mildere og mer følsomme enn menn, dermed er de mer egnet til å ta hoveddelen av oppdragelsen av barna, siden de lettere forstår barnas situasjon i fargen av deres natur.

I islam er kvinnens ære beskyttet. I vesten blir kvinner degradert til objekter som viser frem sin hud for å selge både det ene og det andre. Hvordan kan man si at dette gir kvinnen mer rettigheter i vesten? Før Islam ble kvinner sett på som sex-objekter hvor man ikke trengte å gifte seg med kvinnene men heller ble eid av mennene som ønsket dem. På den tiden kunne kvinner kunne gå i arv bare for at de skulle beholde den formuen hun eide/ hadde tilegnet seg gjennom mannen. Islam ga kvinner rett til å si nei til et ekteskap. Islam fortalte hvem som kunne gifte seg med hverandre, samt hvem som var forbudt for hverandre. Blant annet for å avverge at moren ble gift med nær slektning når “mannen” døde og avverge andre sykelige forhold som fantes i samfunnet på den tiden.

Samtidig er sex i islam sett på som noe veldig skjønt men tilbeholdt innenfor ekteskapet. Allah beskriver i Koranen at ektemannen og konen er sett på som hverandres klær som skal beskytte hverandre og gjemme hverandres feil fra andre. Som hverandres bekledning er de nærmest hverandre. Når kvinner hadde menstruasjon, før Islams tid, ble de sett på som noe urent og djevelsk. Mens i Islam pleide profeten Muhammad (pbuh) å resitere koranen mens han hadde hodet sitt i fanget til sin kone Aisha (raa) selv når hun hadde mensen.

Før Islam hadde mennene mange kvinner, I Islam ble ekteskapet sett på som halve troen og en kontrakt på papiret hvor man må ha vitner. Menn har rett til å gifte seg med inntil fire koner dersom det er enker eller foreldreløse som trenger støtte. Det ble tillatt etter en krig i Islam hvor det var mange enker og som hadde barn som trengte støtte for å ha noen som kunne brødfø dem. Dersom mennene frykter at de ikke ikke skulle greie å behandle alle konene likt, har de ikke lov til å ha flere koner. En person som har flere koner men ikke behandler de likt/rettferdig vil ved dommens dag stå opp med bare halve av sin kropp, Tirmidhi. Samtidig har også Profeten pbuh vist at monogami er også fra hans Sunnah. Når Profeten giftet seg med Khadijah raa, var han kun gift med henne, så lenge hun levde. De levde sammen i ca 25 år.

Vi må skifte fokus fra å snakke om likestilling til å snakke om likeverd. To vesener som er så ulike kan uansett hva vi sier eller gjør,  aldri bli like. Det forventes ulikt fra menn enn fra kvinner. Det er bare kvinner som kan føde barn og de er mer følsomme og emosjonelle enn menn. Derfor blir det mer riktig å snakke om likeverdet mellom de, enn likestilling. Når man begynner å beskrive ordet verd, ser man at Islam gir kvinner mer verd enn menn. Det er også en hadith som sier at dersom folk forstod den virkelige status en kvinne har i Islam, vil selv menn ønske å være en kvinne.

Det er klart at det er vokst frem en ukultur i det muslimske miljøet som undertrykker spesielt kvinner, men også menn. Denne ukulturen er ikke fra religionen og kan også ha sammenheng med at folk ikke praktiserer islam i stor grad, men velger hva de ønsker å praktisere og hva de ønsker å overse. Mens islam egentlig betyr at man skal underkaste seg alle lovene til Allah og ikke bare de som passer en selv.

Mye av ukulturen blant pakistanere stammer også fra dengang hele landet var sammenslått med India. Vi har arvet mye fra India.

En sak som er viktig å understreke er at dersom en person som er norsk gjør noe galt, sier man ikke at alle kristne gjør den og den gale handlingen. Men dersom en pakistaner, eller muslim gjør noe galt, vil man med en gang si at det er det Islam sier. Det er veldig vanlig spesielt i media og vinklingen til journalistene er ofte preget av muslim-/islam-hat.  Dersom et tre har et rottent eple, så vil ikke et intelligent menneske si at det er treets skyld. Alle trær kan ha noen rotne epler. Men når en muslim gjør noe galt, istedet for å se om han er praktiserende eller ikke, vil de uten å blunke si at det er Islam sin skyld.

Journalister vil alltid farge sine artikler etter sine meninger. Men vi som leser disse artiklene bør skaffe oss mer samfunnsforståelse og være mer kritiske til det vi leser. Det er den eneste løsningen på dette. Ikke feie alle over en kam, men vit at akkurat som at det finnes bra og dårlige kristne/jøder, finnes det også bra og dårlig muslimer. Å skylde på Islam, kristendom, jødedom når en muslim, kristen, jøde gjør noe galt, er ikke noe et opplyst samfunn vil gjøre.  Istedet vil de se hans/hennes gjerninger i lys av de verdier han/henne hadde tilegnet seg i løpet av livet. Verdiene til en person kan være preget av flere forhold og ikke nødvendigvis bare religion.

Jeg tror at kvinner har bedre rettighet og verd i islam enn det vesten noen gang kunne gi kvinnen. I Islam er kvinnen sett på noe som man skal beskytte og ikke vise til ethvert menneske. I vesten blir kvinner brukt aktivt i markedsføring på alt fra biler til undertøy. Jeg tenker vi må åpne våre øyne og se at kvinner har mer rett i islam enn det vesten noen gang kan greie å gi. Islam i sin uforandret tilstand beskytter kvinnen, mens samfunnet i vesten degraderer kvinnen.

In the west it is a common thought by most of the people who women should have the same rights as men. Though Dr. Zakir Naik had a nice lecture about the whole topic, where he said that when women are different from men biologically, physiologically and emotionally than how can they have the same role in society. Only a few yeas ago in the west it was discussed whether women had a soul. Though in Islam it was stated 1300 hundred years ago that women like men are equal and both have a soul and that she has four times higher status in Islam than what men has. Our Prophet (Pbuh) was asked by a Sahabi (companion of the Prophet) whom has the most right on me? The Prophet (pbuh) said three times that your mother has the most right on you, the fourth time he said your father. In Christianity the fault of being thrown out of Paradise was blamed on Eve (Bibi Hawa) and not on Adam (Alehi assalam). Though in Islam they both shared the blame together equally. Women in Islam were given right to have their own property and use it on what they wanted to. Men and women are shepherd’s in a flock and both the women and the men will be responsible for their flock. In Islam the women’s honour is protected, though in the west the women is degraded by being itemized to sell anything and everything in the society. How can one say that she has more rights in the West than what Islam gives her then?

In Ancient time in greek the women were used like sex-objects and the men didn`t even have to marry them, they only owned them for how long they wanted to. Islam gave women right to say no to marriage. In Islam sex is seen as something beautiful though the condition is marriage-contract. In islam the Hubby and wifey are said as to be eachothers clothing. And part of the reason that we have a clothing is to protect us and hide us. The hubby and wifey is also as near to eachother as their garments. SubhanAllah! The right for a supported life was given by this right to women far before when women was almost not seen as a human being. When they had their every month they was seen as something unclean and almost seen as the devil though in Islam Our Prophets Wife Aisha RadhiAllahtalahanhaa used to be with the Prophet when he was praying even at her monthly times when he recited the Quran with his head in her lap.

In ancient times men had a bunch of women without any marriage contract for them at all. Islam put marriage on the paper and men the right to marry four wifes in case there were any widows or orphans that needed support by marriage so they could manage economically and their children have a bright economic future. This was after a war when there were a lot of muslim widows /orphans living without any family to support them.

I believe that women are given so many more rights and their honour is protected by these rights than what the west has managed to do so far or can ever make happen. In Islam women is seen as something one protects and not shown around to everyone, while in the west there are almost naked women on posters every summer to sell everything from a car to some toothpaste. How can we then say that women has more rights in the west than what Islam gives them? We should open our minds and look for the message in Islam for women and men, because it is a wonderful message for every human being.

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My Prayer..

“O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light and make me a light. O Allah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.” Ameen

Bukhari and Muslim

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love him, because that man
would never ever make you cry
or be the reason that your
sheding tears. He would do
anything to always keep you
happy and satisfied (",)


(“,) Your heart is mine and mine is yours, and so it`s been since I`ve known love`s true meaning itself, holding each others hand we stand together beneath the lovely sky, gazing towards the same destiny, just U and I (“,)

Naat/hamd-Quote of the moment :)

Saari duniya ke liye dard
se mahmor hain jo..
Ik faqat Rehmat-e-aalam
hi ka seena dekha..

Ye sab tumhara
karam hain Aka
ke baat ab tak
bani hoyi hain..

Ehsas dein toofik dein..
Phir jazbaen Siddiq dein..

Kya ye zarra likhein
Shaan Unki, jin pe
bejhein Salaam
khud Khudai..

Quote of the moment :)

Though we might sometimes
have to struggle through thick
or thin,We will receive each
other’s support to be there to
win..And we will blossom like
this through eternity..
Ameen summa ameen

Når du er forent med en
du elsker, er det ingenting
du ikke klarer :)

Gode ord skaper tillit.
Gode tanker skaper
Inderlighet. God
giverglede skaper

Mood :)