The cartoon ban of New York Times

Jews and Christians doesn't always see the satire of their religion as a problem. While if you ask muslims the same, they would strongly want a stop of satire when it’s about Islam. But what if the satire is about leaders of people, who are doing actions that have extreme effects on people worldwide. And… Continue reading The cartoon ban of New York Times

Value And Appreciate Their Individuality

Many people often neglect children's need to be seen and heard and valued for who they are, where their abilities are appreciated regardless of their siblings or friends achievements. A childs joy, when their parents listen attentively, and value all the siblings individually, when they are together as a family, is important. Often we wonder… Continue reading Value And Appreciate Their Individuality

Where You Are Celebrated Instead Of Tolerated

A home should be a place where everyone has sanctity. There is a huge different in being a place where you are tolerated instead of being a place where you are celebrated. A place where we accept each other, where we can be just as we are, without having people who always pinpoint something wrong… Continue reading Where You Are Celebrated Instead Of Tolerated

Don`t Let The World Degrade You :)

Note To Myself And The Women Of The World: Don`t let the world degrade you to an object to please strangers eyes. You are worthy of being the slave of Allah. Which is the highest status any woman can have. Don`t dress to impress men that would degrade you to a thing. Rather dress for… Continue reading Don`t Let The World Degrade You đŸ™‚

I Love Holmlia :)

Holmlia er er en av de delene av byen hvor det er en samling av folk med forskjellige nasjonaliteter og en befolkning hvor over halvparten er under 30 ĂĽr og hele 27,5 er under 15 ĂĽr. Det sier seg selv at dette vil sette sitt preg pĂĽ stedet. Likevel er det ikke gjort nok for… Continue reading I Love Holmlia đŸ™‚

You Have A Lot Of Power! Use It Wisely, Please :)

NĂĽ tenker jeg pĂĽ alle de journalistene vi har verden. Journalistikk er en veldig artig jobb, siden de kommer veldig tett innpĂĽ de menneskene de skal fortelle om i reportasjene sin, eller artikkelen sin. Samtidig har de masse kunnskap om smĂĽ og store ting, og kan skrive om alt som rører seg i sitt eget… Continue reading You Have A Lot Of Power! Use It Wisely, Please đŸ™‚