The House Will Become A Home

One matter we can improve is helping our children to get addicted to reading drud sharif as early as possible. There are many benefits of reading drud sharif, but the reason why I`ve heard it is good for families, is that it brings gentleness into our conduct. Many parents often complain that teens often become… Continue reading The House Will Become A Home

When You Want To Impress Someone :)

One way of being loved by someone, is by doing something nice to the people they love, i.e their children or parents. In that way you would show the person that you care for the people they care for. People love to listen to genuine praise about the people they love. If we talk about Allah… Continue reading When You Want To Impress Someone đŸ™‚

Drud sharif parhnein ki barkatein :)

I remember last year in ramadan we got a whole page where there were written 55 reasons why one should recite Drud Paak:) I`m going to mention a few of them here: Drud Paak parhnein walein ke liye farishtein rehmat or bakshish ki duaein kartein hein. Drud Paak gunahon ka kafara hain. Drud Paak parhnein… Continue reading Drud sharif parhnein ki barkatein đŸ™‚