For 5 minutes of pleasure between a male and a female

For 5 minutes of pleasure a male and a female create a human who will live 80 - 90 years (giennomsnittsalder). Who has to live a life maybe without one parent. Probably in poor condition. This disagreement could also happen to married couples. Where the mother says she is using the pill. The father doesn't… Continue reading For 5 minutes of pleasure between a male and a female

Remember Your Blessings 

 When we become sad it's mostly because we don't take out time everyday to practice gratefulness. When we focus on what we don't have rather than what we have, we become depressed or sad.  Make A List  To be aware of how blessed we are, we can start writing a list on 30 matters we… Continue reading Remember Your Blessings 

Don`t Let The World Degrade You :)

Note To Myself And The Women Of The World: Don`t let the world degrade you to an object to please strangers eyes. You are worthy of being the slave of Allah. Which is the highest status any woman can have. Don`t dress to impress men that would degrade you to a thing. Rather dress for… Continue reading Don`t Let The World Degrade You 🙂

Siblings And Gender Discrimination

It happens often in asian families that boys are preferred more than girls. Even before the child is born, both the parents are praying that may Allah give me a boy. It doesn`t stop here. I can understand that the upbringing differs between the both genders. Mostly the sons are given a lot more preference… Continue reading Siblings And Gender Discrimination