Adress the whole equation

It is correct that Allah said to females that they are supposed to cover themselves. To avoid glances from immoral people. But Allah also told males to lower their gazes. How can any muslim leader only adress one side of a equation and not how every side of it is connected to eachother. Married women… Continue reading Adress the whole equation

Why Muslims supplicate?

In Islam we have a great emphasis on supplication to Allah. To connect with our God. In the supplications of Prophet Muhammad we can learn that he supplicated for every little matter as well as the bigg concerns. In islam there is a supplication for going to sleep and waking up. There is a supplication… Continue reading Why Muslims supplicate?

Konvertitter opplever hets

Konvertering til Islam er ikke det enkleste. Flere kvinner enn menn konverterer til Islam, og flere av de opplever mye problemer. Mange av de blir beskyldt for å være landsforrædere. Deres egne norske venner og familier tror ikke på kvinner, som sier at de har konvertert av egen vilje. Når de konverterte kvinnene i tillegg… Continue reading Konvertitter opplever hets

Stort behov for muslimske fosterhjem

Muslimske barn som havner i barnevernet blir ofte plassert i hjem som ikke deler deres tro. Dermed mister fosterhjemsbarna endel av sin identitet. Vi trenger flere muslimer som kunne åpnet sitt hjem for disse barna. Slik at barna får en muslimsk oppdragelse. Profeten ‎ﷺ har sagt at de som oppfostrer et barn er like nær… Continue reading Stort behov for muslimske fosterhjem

What does Islam say about ‘False Witness’ ?

Truth is given extreme importance in Islam.Angels are always in the company of those who speak without lies. Still there is a majority of muslims in the communities in Norway, who are guilty of supporting lies. Tribalism make the muslim support each other family-friends in their lies. Have people forgotten that ProphetMuhammad (may Allah's peace… Continue reading What does Islam say about ‘False Witness’ ?

What options are left for young adults?

Of the 5 love languages Dr. Gary Chapman speaks about, the most common love language for men is physical touch. Other authors asShaunti Feldhahn has said that men are visual. They experience attraction by the sight. This theory is for all men no matter faith, origin, color, culture. That means that when a muslim man… Continue reading What options are left for young adults?