It Wipes Out Everything Before

The beauty of Islam, is the vastness of the Mercy our Lord has for us. When we sincerely repent, make tawbah, our past sins are erased from our record, we become as pure as a child. The sign of us avoiding sinfulness again, is a sign of Allah accepting our repentence. Allah knows we are… Continue reading It Wipes Out Everything Before

When Seeking Advice

Often in life we come to a road that leads to two different places. We don`t know which one to choose. The decision is tough and we are not always familiar with all the pros and cons. That is when we seek advice from people whom has more wisdom and knowledge than us. Someone whom… Continue reading When Seeking Advice

Where You Are Celebrated Instead Of Tolerated

A home should be a place where everyone has sanctity. There is a huge different in being a place where you are tolerated instead of being a place where you are celebrated. A place where we accept each other, where we can be just as we are, without having people who always pinpoint something wrong… Continue reading Where You Are Celebrated Instead Of Tolerated

We Can`t Save Others Before We Save Ourself

The people we interact with influence us according to their values. Even if they aren`t our closest friends, their values can rub off on us. Some people say we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with. Be it at home, work, university etc. We can`t choose the people who are in… Continue reading We Can`t Save Others Before We Save Ourself

When to realize the truth and change goals and when to be positive?

Each and every person wants to be positive. People admire others whom are positive and wants to learn as much they can from they because having a positive outlook to life not only increases their success rate but also makes sure that they have good surroundings. Some people read positive books to learn from the… Continue reading When to realize the truth and change goals and when to be positive?

Having the same goals in life

I`m not sure about the amount of arranged marriages or love marriages. Though I think it is very important that the two people who are getting married should be given the opportunity to find out if they have the same goals in life. They should not only get married because their parents say that this… Continue reading Having the same goals in life