Trust and respect goes hand in hand..

I believe respect is about treating the other person nicely without having any reason behind you being nice to them 🙂 You don`t want anything in return. Sometimes one do meet people in your surroundings that do have hidden agendas. I have a difficult time trusting these kinds of people. Trust and respect goes hand… Continue reading Trust and respect goes hand in hand..

Being strict with oneself

I know that the one person I`m the most strict with is myself. I put my standards very high and if something happens I get very disappointed in myself. Although I`m not known as the strictest person at home and certainly not from my nieces but I know in myself that being like this must… Continue reading Being strict with oneself

Want some good advice?

Throughout your lifetime you are often faced through circumstances that prevents you from taking right descisions. It could be that you don`t have the ability to trust yourself or that you sometimes get so confused by what others say. I know people who have been given wrong guidance from their surroundings, be it anyone, which… Continue reading Want some good advice?

Communication within a couple :)

I like the saying : a beautiful relationship does not depend on how good we understand each other but on how well we avoid misunderstandings:) Which in other words mean it`s important that one share eachothers thoughts and emotions at all times. I also believe from the core of my heart that one should never… Continue reading Communication within a couple đŸ™‚