Knowledge And Ignorance Can’t Stay Together 

There is a reason why Allah had to state explicitly whom we can interact with and whom it is not allowed for us to interact with, whom we are allowed to marry and whom we can't marry, when and whom we need to have a hijab in front, and whom we do not need this. … Continue reading Knowledge And Ignorance Can’t Stay Together 

Keep The Balance Positive

People doesn`t always understand when we talk about different emotions and how different approaches can have an impact on others. Unless we help them understand it with money. 😛 Yes we want someone to do something or not do something, simply add or delete the cash. If we think about ourselves as having a bank… Continue reading Keep The Balance Positive

Trust and respect goes hand in hand..

I believe respect is about treating the other person nicely without having any reason behind you being nice to them 🙂 You don`t want anything in return. Sometimes one do meet people in your surroundings that do have hidden agendas. I have a difficult time trusting these kinds of people. Trust and respect goes hand… Continue reading Trust and respect goes hand in hand..

Does the beauty always lie in the eyes of the beholder? :)

Your appearance talks for itself when you are seen at work, at home or at a gathering. Lately I have been experiencing this a lot, because I`ve started to wear a jubbah at work, which is a long dress that goes to your feet and long sleeves. You can only see my face and hands… Continue reading Does the beauty always lie in the eyes of the beholder? 🙂

Being strict with oneself

I know that the one person I`m the most strict with is myself. I put my standards very high and if something happens I get very disappointed in myself. Although I`m not known as the strictest person at home and certainly not from my nieces but I know in myself that being like this must… Continue reading Being strict with oneself