I Have To Ears, The World Is Mine :)

There is two sides of everything. Sometimes something can be a blessing other times it could be the very opposite. Sometimes when one see other people`s blessings one forget what we ourselves are blessed with and get a bad energy out from us. It could perhaps be because we have never tried to count our… Continue reading I Have To Ears, The World Is Mine đŸ™‚

Words Of Encouragement :)

Each and every one of us wants to see others happy. Well most of us. What do you do when you are happy, but a few others are sad? Are you the chirpy one that doesn`t even notice that others are sad or are you the sensitive one that sees the face behind the other… Continue reading Words Of Encouragement đŸ™‚

There`s two sides of everything

There always comes times when we are more thankful, and other times when we are less thankful. Sometimes the reason behind could be that we aren`t really aware of the blessings we are surrounded with. How can one become more aware and become grateful for that? One simple formula that each and every can apply… Continue reading There`s two sides of everything