A Helping Hand That Doesn`t Backfire

Most people with a caring nature and good values, would happily give a helping hand to anyone in difficulty, even if they wouldn`t personally know who the other person is. Sometimes without even thinking of it having any consequence for themselves in the future. Are You Careful Who You Help? As time has become more… Continue reading A Helping Hand That Doesn`t Backfire

Treat Them Equally

Having children is a great blessing for parents. To pass on the legacy of Islam to another generation that will live Islam. Often both parents prefer sons over daughters. Mainly because they think that they will be the most supportive because they become providers too. They have forgotten that Prophet Muhammad pbuh`s legacy was passed on… Continue reading Treat Them Equally

We are dependent of Allah

We are dependent of Allah. He is our Creator if he wouldn`t have decided that we would be in this world, we wouldn`t be here. He created the whole universe. If it wouldn`t be for Him the earth might not have been today. We as muslims believe that all good comes from Allah. Sometimes when… Continue reading We are dependent of Allah