How to increase your khusho (concentration) in salah :)

For years I was reading salah without khusho. I didn`t know that for the salah to be accepted by Allah khusho is important. Now I know and alhamdolillah am getting better at it. Here I will share a few tips on how I improve my Khusho in salah. Soften your heart with repentence Throughout the… Continue reading How to increase your khusho (concentration) in salah đŸ™‚

Do you read fajr on time?

A hadis sharif says that the things that brings you closer to Allah is: obeying your parents, to read the prayer on time, and jihad. Therefore it is important to try to pray every prayer at its appointed time. Though in the summer time the fajr prayer is very difficult to pray because there are… Continue reading Do you read fajr on time?

Hva er første prioritet ?

Vi som er født i en muslimsk familie og vokst opp som en muslim er ikke nødvendigvis en bedre muslim enn en konvertitt som nettopp har konvertert. Ofte sĂĽ ser man at individer som er født opp oppvokst i en muslimsk familie ikke bruker hijab, gĂĽr med trange klĂŚr, ber ikke og gĂĽr ikke i… Continue reading Hva er første prioritet ?

Khushoo in salah – the key to success :)

Every time the slave wants to turn his thoughts towards Allah, thoughts of other matters come sneaking in his mind. The shaytan is like a bandit lying in wait to launch an ambush, every time the slave wants to travel towards Allah, the shaytan wants to cut off his route. For this reason it was… Continue reading Khushoo in salah – the key to success đŸ™‚

A few tips for the prayer :)

Our salat is our prayer and sort of our call to our Lord five times daily throughout the day. After the obligatory prayer it is a good thing to pray to your Lord. One should ask our Allah for everything, be it any thing in our life. Allah is our Sustainer and takes care of… Continue reading A few tips for the prayer đŸ™‚

Going to the mosque :)

Before I went more frequently to the Mosque than what I do nowadays. There are a few reasons for that. For the first I think that it`s the Masjid`s people responsibility to take care of the new people who come and encourage them to come on different days they celebrate. Though what I`ve experiences is… Continue reading Going to the mosque đŸ™‚