A successful marriage requires

People with taqwa strive for a halal relationship. And for a married couple to reach jannah, it is compulsary that they strive to fulfill the duties towards eachother in their marriage. A Godconscious marriage will help them remain pure. Whether you have a working wife or a housewife, and whether you have a husband who… Continue reading A successful marriage requires

Do you know the art of apologizing?

You may be thinking, is it that difficult to apologize? I didn`t know it either, before I bought this. In the book " the things I wish I knew before i got married", by Gary Chapman. It is written the rules of apologizing. Gary says that everyone does mistakes, but if we don`t ask for… Continue reading Do you know the art of apologizing?

Five love languages in a marriage :)

There are five ways of expressing your love, that Gary Chapman  has talked about in his book, "the five love languages". Here is a brief summary of the five; Words of affirmation: This language uses words to affirm the other person. "I really appreciate you washing the car, it looks great". "Thanks for taking out… Continue reading Five love languages in a marriage đŸ™‚