Kvinners Rettigheter I Islam Og I Vesten.

I vesten er det et vanlig syn blant de fleste mennesker at kvinner skal ha de samme rettighetene som menn. Dr Zakir Naik har holdt et foredrag om kvinners rettigheter i islam, hvor han sa at kvinner er biologisk, fysiologisk og emosjonelt annerledes enn menn, så hvordan kan de ha den samme rollen i et… Continue reading Kvinners Rettigheter I Islam Og I Vesten.

Womens rights in Islam and in the west

In the west it is a common thought by most of the people who women should have the same rights as men. Though Dr. Zakir Naik had a nice lecture about the whole topic, where he said that when women are different from men biologically, physiologically and emotionally than how can they have the same… Continue reading Womens rights in Islam and in the west

Receiving dowry and other desi-issues

Dowry is very common in India/Pakistan and is some of the reasons why people hate that they will get a baby-girl instead of a baby-boy. Because some day they will have to pay to get her married. Is someone buying her? NO, so why this tradition? We listen to the news that the family of… Continue reading Receiving dowry and other desi-issues