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strong peopleIt is not easy to forgive. It takes a lot of courage to do so. But then again it is the only way one can experience true peace as well. People who keep grudges for a long time are making their own life very miserable. When they can`t forgive because someone did something to them, they should first ask themselves. Did i do something that caused this? For instance if your behaviour some way caused something to happen to you it could be that it`s your own fault. Then why keep grudges against someone else, when you should blame yourself for it? Sometimes one gets blinded by oneself that one can hardly see the points of others. Those thoughts keep feeding the grudges and keep them alive for a long time. An example, your own daughter said something disrespectful to you and you are angry because of it. Actually what happened is that you treated her unfairly and finally she got enough of it and she couldn`t stop her anger. If you don`t try to find the underlying reasons behind her anger you would never be able to patch up with her again like you were before. Therefore it is very easy to see that B slapped C, but what you maybe don`t know is that C was being mean to B. So don`t judge anyone before you know the whole story.

Anyhow it is very important to bring out the good in you and forgive others when they have done something to you. After all, don`t you want Allah to forgive you? If you don`t forgive people, than how can you expect Allah to forgive you? We do so many mistakes day in and day out and hope and expect that Allah will forgive us our mistakes. Though some people make one mistake and they are out. Of course you don`t have to be best friends like before but at least don`t treat those people in a bad way.

Our Prophet has always emphasized the importance of brotherhood in Islam. No white person is better than a black person and no rich person is better than any poor person. If someone is better than another person it is their piety (fear of Allah) that has made them of higher rank than others. In a hadith narrated by Abu Hurayra raa the Prophet (pbuh) has said:

“It is not permissible for a man to be estranged from a believer for more than three days. If three days have passed, then he should go and give salaam to him; if he returns the salaam, then both of them will have share in the reward, and if he does not respond from the one who gave salaam, will be absolved of the sin of estrangement”. Bukhari

The longest the time of estrangement the greater the sin on the people who are not talking and patching things up. The doors of Jannah could also close for the people who don`t reconcile. In a hadith the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“The doors of Paradise opened on Monday and Thursday, and any servant who doesn`t associate anything with Allah will be forgiven, except for the man who bear grudges against his brother. It will be said: ” Wait for these two until they reconcile, wait for these two until they reconcile, wait for these two until they reconcile”. Muslim

Forgiving someone is not a source of humiliation or shame but a source of raising ones honour in the sight of Allah. The Prophet (pbuh) has said:

” Allah will not increase His servant when he forgives except honour. Noone humbles himself for the sake of Allah but Allah will raise his status”. Muslim

It is very important that one doesn`t bear grudges or resentment against ones brother and sisters in Islam for a longer while than three days. Our Prophet has taught us how important it is to not let our own self get in the way of our end. If we do as the Prophet (pbuh) has taught us we will in sha Allah be succesful in this world and the Hereafter. For the sake of Allah forgive those that has wronged you, and move on. Allah loves those who forgive and those who do good. Lets try our best to be that great exemplified ambassadors of Islam In sha Allah.

Source – The ideal Muslimah.

Each and every person of this world has some time in their life done something not that good, that they have regretted doing afterwards. Be it in their childhood, teens or adulthood or any other time in their life. I guess every muslim that wants to achieve Jannah, wants to be forgiven, so that the way to Jannah becomes easier to achieve.

A lot of muslims can very often be quite cruel to other fellow muslims. If they one time in their life have made a mistake, they will start reminding that person about it, every they dislike something he/she does. We are so awful in keeping things against others. What we don`t know is that person might have asked Allah for forgiveness for that mistake and might have been forgiven, and here we are reminding him/her of his/her shortcomings. Every person has some qualities in them that they can improve. What we need to do is not to give others that hard of a time, that makes them go further away from the deen instead of coming nearer. We should try our best to not hold grudges against others` and maybe Allah will forgive us also.

Some people whom has these kinds of grudges sometimes, to make things worse for the other person they dislike, would publicize their previous mistakes, to somehow get even with them. What they don`t know is that they are losing the battle in the sight of Allah. How is that? If they keep on publicizing others fault to get even, Allah will publicize all their faults on judgement Day in front of all the creatures of Allah. If Allah won`t help them then, then no one would. The people who fears Allah would try to conceal others faults so that Allah would conceal and forgive them their faults on Judgement day. After all Jannah is our goal, so why not strive for it in the best manners in the way of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh)`s way?

Why are you publicizing others fault? Is it to make them inferior of you, because they might be a tad more succesful then you? Are you jealous of them in any way? Do you think that quality would bring you closer to Allah or ruin all your good deeds that you have done in your life. Try for once to be happy for other, try to forgive others their faults. I know when we do a mistake, we ask Allah to forgive us, and want it to happen soon, yet we hold grudges against other fellow beings for a long time and don`t forgive them, even if they once in their life have apologized to us for the mistake. I guess, what we need in our life is to have som mercy to other fellow beings, and I mean each and every person because a lot of people are doing these kinds of mistakes in their life.

What you would achieve the most from is by forgiving others if they one way or the other have done some wrong to you. Repel evil with good and see how Allah will fix everything in your life. The result of repelling evil with evil can be nothing more than failure in this world and the Hereafter. What greater loss will a person have in exchange for that?
May Allah help each and every person to forgive others and forgive us all our mistakes in life and give us Jannah for the Hereafter. Ameen summa ameen.

Duas prayers med tekstThere are so many times we pray for something, though it is not always accepted by Allah. It is mentioned in a Hadith that after our death when our deeds will be weighted, our prayers/duas will be weighed also. The duas/prayers that wasn`t answered in our life will give us plenty of heavy good deeds. Allah will make us so happy, that at that moment we would wish for that none of our prayers should have been accepted as the bounty we will receive from it in the Hereafter.

It is very important that we, after our salah, take out time for dua. Allah does not like the person that does not make dua to him. In case some of your prayers haven`t been answered they way you want it to shouldn`t prevent you from making lots of dua. Because we don`t know what is good for us. All our prayers are answered some way or the other. It is just we who complain because we don`t know better. Allah has three ways of answering our prayer; 1. We don`t get what we asked for, but get something better instead. 2. We get what we asked for in this world and the hereafter. 3. We don`t get what we asked for but Allah protects us from a big calamity.

If we look at this three ways, we could ponder over the fact that if the things that didn`t happen before in my life, I wouldn`t have been where I am today. Isn`t it incredible. Sometimes we can`t see it but Allah is fixing everything for us.

There are some “tools” of having your prayers/duas accepted by Allah:

  1. First of all try your out most to not eat something that is haram. Make sure everything you eat doesn`t contain any gelatine from swine or other animals that are slaughtered un-islamicly.
  2. Ask for forgiveness before you ask Allah of something. Admit Him your faults and ask for sincere forgiveness and then ask Allah what you want. That is the way of the Prophet`s as well.
  3. Earn your money the halal way, by halal work.
  4. The prayer that we ask for our muslim brother and sister in her absence will be accepted. An angel by our side will say: “and may you have something similar”. So try to pray for the whole Ummah in your duas/prayers.
  5. Don`t have any grudges with your loved ones from more than three days as your deeds would not be accepted if you don`t mend your ways.
  6. In the start of the dua/prayer praise Allah, then send durood/blessings on our last Prophet, the dua you will ask preceding this will be accepted.
  7. Ask a lot of dua in the sujood, in any language you know, it doesn`t have to be in arabic, it could be in your own language as well. You are the closest one can be to Allah in the sujood, so remember to make lots of dua then.
  8. Know what you are saying in the prayer, when we pray with full concentration in our prayer especially when we pray surah fatiha, our prayers will be accepted. Allah answers the whole surah fatiha ayat by ayat, and at the end Allah says, “and my slave shall have what he asks for”.
  9. Be patient. Find comfort and joy in your prayers. If Allah doesn`t answer your prayer right away don`t say that He didn`t answer your prayer and you prayed so much for one thing. Only Allah knows when He is going to grant you your wishes. Pray that it happens soon.
  10. On fridays at the Jumu`ah prayer at the Mosque the dua/prayer between the Adhaan and the Iqamah, is answered.
  11. On fridays 1 hour before the Magribh prayer that is the auspicious time when prayers are, in sha Allah answered, make lots of dua at that time.
  12. Be thankful to Allah and Allah will give you more. Allah has said a lot of places in the Quran that he gives  a people something and instead of increasing in their prayers dhikr they become un-thankful. Think about this next time Allah grants you your wishes. Than we have every reason to pray more and more, InshaAllah. At least we can try to be more thankful to Allah.
  13. Love Allah that much that you ask him for even the smallest thing. There is a hadeeth from Aisha Ra that our Prophet said that if your shoe-laces are cut, you should pray to Allah that you get new ones. Because if it isn`t Allah`s wish that you get new shoe-laces nothing in the world can help you to achieve that. Therefore we should ask Allah for even the smallest things, as well as the big.
  14. Recite “Ya Samiyo Ya Mojibo” often. It means Allah the All-hearer and the accepter of prayers/duas.
  15. Recite “Ya Fattaho Ya Razzako” often. It means open the doors for success in my rizk. Rizk can be children, spouse, work, business and stuff like that.
  16. Prayers are answered when it is raining, so do supplicate then.
  17. A travelers supplications are also answered, so do supplicate a lot when traveling.
  18. Read “Ya Kadi-yil-hajaati” whenever you can throughout the day and especially in your supplications. It means Allah “the one that fulfils your requests”. (In the start it is a kafh with to dots, so the pronunciation is a bit different).
  19. Read “Va-Yaa-Akramal-Akra-Mina” in your supplications. It means “of the ones who are kareem, You Allah are the most kareem, because of Your Rahma over me accept my dua”.
  20. In your supplications, you can also read:  “Rabbana Ya Ghiasal-Mustaghisina-Aghisni”. It means “Oh my Lord, You are the One who helps, so help me”.
  21. Your supplication at the time you break your fast, will in sha Allah be answered. Allah answers the prayers of the fasting person. Abu Hurayra Ra reported that the Messenger of Allah said : Three people doesn`t have their supplications rejected, the fasting person until he breaks his fast..”
  22. The supplication after “salat-ul-tasbhi“,  which is the prayer of forgiveness, will in sha Allah not be refused. You can read it here, the manner of reading  the salat.
  23. Read night prayer. It was narrated from Abu Sufyan Ra that Jabir Ra said>: ” I heard the Prophet (pbuh) say:” In the night there is an hour when if a muslim asks Allah for good in this world and in the Hereafter, He will give him it, and that happens every night.” (Sahih Muslim). Read more here.

Allah does not like  those people whom don`t asks him of anything i.e. makes dua/prayer to him. He loves it when we asks much from him, if we ask a lot he will feel shy to leave us empty-handedly, so he accepts something. Try to trust Allah and ask him a lot, and in sha Allah all your issues will be solved.

May Allah grant our prayers and make us His pious worshippers and give us a lovely life and the best hereafter for eternity. Ameen summa ameen.

Source; Jamia At-Tirmidhi, Sahih Muslim, The Ideal Muslimah (book), Lecture by Yasir Qadhi: “the power of dua”, Imam Bukhari`s book of manners.

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My Prayer..

“O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light and make me a light. O Allah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.” Ameen

Bukhari and Muslim

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Surah 105 Al Fil

Let not man be intoxicated with power, Or material resourses, They cannot defeat. The purpose of Allah. So Abrahah Ashram Found to his cost. His sacrilegious attack On the holy Fane of Allah brought about His own undoing:what seemed but frail Destroyed his mighty hosts in a day!

The foolproof tip of the day for everyone else!



(",) My Mum always says that
you should marry someone
who loves you more than you
love him, because that man
would never ever make you cry
or be the reason that your
sheding tears. He would do
anything to always keep you
happy and satisfied (",)


(“,) Your heart is mine and mine is yours, and so it`s been since I`ve known love`s true meaning itself, holding each others hand we stand together beneath the lovely sky, gazing towards the same destiny, just U and I (“,)

Naat/hamd-Quote of the moment :)

Saari duniya ke liye dard
se mahmor hain jo..
Ik faqat Rehmat-e-aalam
hi ka seena dekha..

Ye sab tumhara
karam hain Aka
ke baat ab tak
bani hoyi hain..

Ehsas dein toofik dein..
Phir jazbaen Siddiq dein..

Kya ye zarra likhein
Shaan Unki, jin pe
bejhein Salaam
khud Khudai..

Quote of the moment :)

Though we might sometimes
have to struggle through thick
or thin,We will receive each
other’s support to be there to
win..And we will blossom like
this through eternity..
Ameen summa ameen

Når du er forent med en
du elsker, er det ingenting
du ikke klarer :)

Gode ord skaper tillit.
Gode tanker skaper
Inderlighet. God
giverglede skaper

Mood :)