How to increase your khusho (concentration) in salah :)

For years I was reading salah without khusho. I didn`t know that for the salah to be accepted by Allah khusho is important. Now I know and alhamdolillah am getting better at it. Here I will share a few tips on how I improve my Khusho in salah. Soften your heart with repentence Throughout the… Continue reading How to increase your khusho (concentration) in salah đŸ™‚

Allah hears our supplications :)

We muslims pray to Allah five times a day, and every time it is awaited from us that we make supplication to Allah after every prayer. When we make these supplications we hope for their acceptation. Though sometimes some people may become hasty or depressed that they stop supplicating Allah. The sign of a true… Continue reading Allah hears our supplications đŸ™‚