Niqab er misforstått

Av de som praktiserer Islam finnes det noen kvinner som bruker hijab og noen som bruker niqab. Det at muslimske kvinner ønsker å dekke ansiktet før de går ut, er for flere nordmenn veldig rart. Mange nordmenn og progressive muslimer er kritiske til det. For å redusere avstanden mellom de som er pro niqab og… Continue reading Niqab er misforstått

Muslim Women Are Being Harassed By Non-Muslims

Before I only HEARD that muslim women have experienced harassment from other non-muslims just because they believe in one God. Today I almost experienced it myself. It`s really sad that people tend to these ways just because they have a hatred towards muslim women who cover themselves. Our Prophet has also for over 1400 years… Continue reading Muslim Women Are Being Harassed By Non-Muslims

We need a freedom of choice :)

Living in the West we see all kinds of people. Some people are totally western dressed where you can see that they aren`t exactly hiding their skin, others wear full-armed sleeves and even hijab or/and niqab. Yes we have freedom of speech, though my question is for how long? Nowadays the politicians in Norway have… Continue reading We need a freedom of choice 🙂