Door To Your Heart

If you open the door to the heart You can hear the beat of your soul as it contemplates on our Lord. When we see with the eyes in our heart We often see the brokenness that is living inside. The hurt that people cause, No person is without, It can only be mended with… Continue reading Door To Your Heart

Money Can`t Buy Love

It is very common that people even muslims get to infiltrated by this world that they forget about akhirah. They work a lot for things they will achieve in the dunya but do nothing or very little for the betterment of their akhira. They work all their life to earn that extra sum of money… Continue reading Money Can`t Buy Love

Some tips of how to ask Allah for forgiveness :)

Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was promised Jannah, even though he repented to Allah a hundred times a day. If he, as being so pure and with a heart of gold repented, than what are we if we compare ourselves to him. The narration says that Abu Burdah Ra said: "I heard the Prophet (pbuh) say:… Continue reading Some tips of how to ask Allah for forgiveness đŸ™‚

The perfect Islamic couple, some goals to reach :)

Husband and wife are not made to serve each other, they are made to complete each other. They want to spend their eternal life together in Jannah, so they try their out most to help each other do lot of good deeds. They have the best understanding of each other, they know what makes one… Continue reading The perfect Islamic couple, some goals to reach đŸ™‚