Educate The Muslim Community In The Ethics Of Islam

It is annoying sometimes, when muslim leaders tell families, to keep their women at home. It is correct that women has a bigger responsibility when it comes to raising children. But we can't close our eyes to the society we are co-existing in. Your Opinion Matters Number 1. The first matter spouses often have disagreement… Continue reading Educate The Muslim Community In The Ethics Of Islam

Where You Are Celebrated Instead Of Tolerated

A home should be a place where everyone has sanctity. There is a huge different in being a place where you are tolerated instead of being a place where you are celebrated. A place where we accept each other, where we can be just as we are, without having people who always pinpoint something wrong… Continue reading Where You Are Celebrated Instead Of Tolerated

What about an Islamic school in Norway?

The youth need education. Not only education about the dunya but also about the hereafter. In many countries we muslims have migrated to, there isn`t any islamic school for children. Norway is such a country. Here we have Mosques where children learn arabic, but none muslim schools. There are many advantages of having a school… Continue reading What about an Islamic school in Norway?

The importance of knowing languages :)

It is very important that one learns the language to the country one lives in, be it anywhere. For instance, living in Norway I know that it is very important. People whom are highly qualified for a job by their skills, will maybe not get the job if they cannot speak and write fluently norwegian.… Continue reading The importance of knowing languages đŸ™‚

How should one handle tough people?

No workplace will ever be without some people who will do their out most to try to make your day less brighter than theirs. Somehow they`ll try to make you feel less worthy than them. Sometimes I think that it`s because one has another color or another religion. Who knows? It could be! Though I… Continue reading How should one handle tough people?