Adress the whole equation

It is correct that Allah said to females that they are supposed to cover themselves. To avoid glances from immoral people. But Allah also told males to lower their gazes. How can any muslim leader only adress one side of a equation and not how every side of it is connected to eachother. Married women have an obligation to beautify themselves to their husband. If they will not do that, their husband will have difficulties lowering his gaze. If the wife is not given space in her house to use the clothing that pleases her husband, how will she be able to fulfill these obligations? In Pakistan sexual harrasment can happen almost anywhere. Regardless of the dresscode of the women. The reason is that males are deprived in their marriage. A muslim man is supposed to rush to his wife when he is attracted to another woman. He is supposed to pray 5 times daily to protect himself from evil deeds. Only 5-10% of Pakistanis pray their daily prayers In Pakistan. The males are supposed to fast and keep their private part and mind pure from immoral deeds. Islam has the solutions.If the Society indirectly allows sexual harrasment, than that can lead to rapes. Building communities free from porn addictions and evil immoral actions is what should be done. Helping the communities heal with «purify your gaze» programs is where Imran Khan should start. Immoral actions doesn’t come out of nothing. To help the communities he has to adress the solutions. Instead of making womens clothing the reason why rapes happen. He should help the males get what they need in a marriage, so they easily can avoid the evil of immorality.

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