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We know that many muslim families in the west, help their children start wearing hijab from primary school. Many non-muslim disagree about this practice. Even politicians have spoken against it, and want the authorities to ban hijab from school. Hijab is fardh, obligatory, from puberty, in Islam. The years before puberty it is optional for the child if she prefers to wear it. Often parents want the child to start with hijab early, because parents want their child to use hijab from their early teens. If they get used to the idea, it will become an easy choice for them to choose it also for their early adulthood. The problem arises because non-muslims think that children are forced to wear hijab. So they are thinking about banning it so no child is forced to wear it. The parents here are helping children wear covering clothing that increases the dignity and honour of girls. That can prevent them from becoming easy victims of sexual abusers.

Teens Who Hide Their Age

How do they dress in the west? Children are influenced to wear clothing like adults. The media, commercials, socializing with friends, celebrities sites. A whole industry of buying what is “popular” right now. The pressure is immense. Many children wear revealing clothing that adults wear, that while their real age is 10, they look like they are adults. In other words, 15-20 years ago, it was easy to see the real age of children from what clothing they wear and their behaviour. Now that is impossible. The influence of youtube and media, how a child behaves and what she chooses to wear, often robs them from their childhood. The children’s mind and thoughts mature faster than their age. When children, girls, behave and think and wear clothing that is above their age, they will easily attract the opposite gender who are more mature and elder than them. When they go places no-one knows their real age, they can easily fake being 18 etc. We know the issue about under aged children, fake ID and trying to get in contact with elder people, just to experience the thrill of having done something brave, and a good story when they meet their ordinary friends. We have heard real incidents in Norway and in uk about underaged girls having sexual relations with men in their twenties. There is a possibility that these girls have hid their real age. We can`t be assured that it is only the mens fault. It is of great trouble for the community when children look like adults, because of what they wear and how they behave. It is very important for a child to have friends that are on their own age and not above their age. When they first grow up, they can`t be a child again. But if they grow up too early, and we could prevent it, we robbed their childhood from them. That is really sad. If we are to decide that a muslim child can`t cover themselves completely, I think it is also about time we decide that non-muslims are not allowed to wear certain revealing clothing at the primary school. If we Morally evaluate the effect of half-naked children at school, compared to all-covered children at school, the effect of lesser clothing, is worse than the effect of those who choose to cover themselves completely.

How A Rapist Choose His Victim

When we read about those who have raped, some people have done a study of these people. As to why they rape, and who they choose. In these studies, they have come to the conclusion that if the rapist saw two women coming to the area he wants to attack, and one of them are dressed half-naked and the other is wearing covering clothing, he will choose the woman with less clothing. In other words, the rapist won`t choose a woman who is covered. Even though we agree that raping is not allowed. And those who rape are not allowed to rape, even if the whole town doesn`t wear clothing. Even if it is not the victims fault that she is being raped. To protect her from being raped, every caring mother would tried to convince her daughter to not wear these clothing outside the house, where she is in danger of being a victim of abuse. Where she can come across other rapists. We have to help our children make good choices so we can save them from these dangerous people. No-one sends their children to dangers. We love our children more than we love ourselves.

How Can Our Sons Focus Easier And Learn More At School

When there comes to understanding relationships and why and how men or women behave, we all agree that they are different. Different in how they understand love, how they understand respect, different in what qualities are important for them in their relationship. Men are turned on differently then women. Men are visual. The more of beauty that can be seen of a woman the more the man will have difficulties to not look. In the book “What you need to know about inner life of men” by Shaunti Feldhahn, she explains how men think and why. This is how Allah made men. This is the test of men. If women are more aware of their clothing when they step outside their home, and hide their beauty with hijab, many men would have easier days outside their homes. If men lose focus of what they are doing when they see a beautiful woman, I`m positive so does a boy lose focus of what they are doing when they see a beautiful girl at school. As a mother of boys, how well do you think your sons focus is in school, if a girl, a class-mate of his is wearing half-naked clothing every day of summer?

I Worry More About My Daughters

Often people worry about mothers of daughters, because they think that they have a more difficult job raising their children than those mothers of sons. I don`t think the one is easier or more difficult than the other. Both jobs, raising a son or a daughter is challenging. It is important to teach both genders to behave modestly and good. Sons must be taught to respect women regardless of how they behave. Women must be taught to respect themselves and behave with dignity and honour and protect their beauty. If we allow children to go around half-naked at school and ban those people who choose to cover themselves completely, we are shooting ourselves, by making it more troublesome for the children to focus in their learning, and may not be able to protect them from illicit relations / problems were the moral standards are low. If the authorities could balance their decision, it would be more helpful. Do not allow children to wear half-naked clothing of sexual art at school. Those children who choose to cover themselves should be allowed. If we think from what the child says, that she is being forced to wear a hijab, than take action. If we find out that children are wearing hijab with free will, it should be allowed. There should be some sort of balance. Non-muslims do not understand the detrimentalness of socializing between boys and girls who have no sence of modesty, dignity and honour. The police in Norway often update their social media platform, with info about crimes in Norway. Lately they have said that there is an increase of sexual offences. Many experts in the field assume there are much higher number of sexual assaults than what is reported to them. This often comes from filth in the media, nudity, weird programs on internet and tv, internet and socializing with the wrong people and alcohol and drugs. No boundaries is equal to chaos. If we look at the behaviour of places in Norway there is more muslim youth and places where there are less muslim youth, experts say in places with many muslims, the youth smoke less and drink less alcohol. And places where there are less muslim youth, the youth drink more alcohol. It is said that if the parents drink alcohol, it is likely that their children will adopt the drinking habits of their parents.

Males Have Higher Suicidal Rate Than Females

If we look at the education of muslims and foreigners, they are on top when it comes to taking higher education. Especially the girls. The boys are behind and often drop out of studies, whether they are ethnical Norwegians or foreigners. Maybe the reason why boys /males are behind when it comes to higher studies is the fitnah, tribulations they experience. In Norway the rate of suicide amongst teenage boys and men have increased. Oslo is the only city who lately has employed male nurses at primary school. In order to deal with this issue. Males often feel stigmatized if and when they speak about their troubles. That is why we need to research more about how males are coping in their studies from first grade to completed bachelor degree. There has always been an increase of females completing their studies. I haven`t heard any research about the males who drop-out. As to the reasons behind their drop-outs. Norwegians doesn`t understand the trouble of temptation for males in the educational system and after they are employed. Because the revealing clothing of girls and women, are never discussed. Sadly, rape of male is never heard or discussed in Norway, either. The solution of hijab for females is a solution that respects how males are wired by vision. Still it`s seen as something negative. The researchers in Norway arent researching about sexual violence towards males, just because it is under-reported. That only underlines that the problem is much greater than we know. When we speak about women that they need to keep themselves in modest clothing. The Feminist women says, this is discrimination. Think for a moment. If you had a allergy and can`t drink anything with milk. And everywhere you saw, there were people drinking and enjoying glasses of milk. How would your day have been, in such a place. When we understand other people`s weaknesses/qualities, we are supposed to respect them and help them. Using this against them would be very evil. The same about how men are wired by sight. If we respect that males are wired as by sight. And respect that Allah has made men like that. And if we would want men to have lesser difficulty going out for school, college, work, we would dress in that manner that men would easily have control on their desires. This can also be a reason for why Allah wants women to cover themselves in front of males. Islam respects the males psychology just as much as the females psychology. We need to be more frank about what males are facing when they step outside their homes. Islam has solutions that help communities prosper. When we understand some of the wisdom, it is easier to live by it. So we see that the muslim community has also increased the communities with goodness. It is not all negative. But negative information gets more coverage in media. They blow up information. People who don`t know or check the real facts, start believing the mis-information of many journalists. May Allah help communities in Norway and worldwide prosper. Aamen.

Ya Allah, please help us to protect every ummati from negative influence and grant every ummati all good righteous company everyday, all day. Help us to protect our communities for our families and for the families that will live here in the future. Aamen

The majority of people condemn those who hijack planes/buildings/stores. And believe that the hijackers are wrongdoers. When it comes to hijacking a religion (Islam), people instantly believe that they are believers of that religion (Islam) they are hijacking. When that is far from the truth.

We Can’t Expect People To Know This

People can’t see a hijacker as a hijacker maybe because they have little knowledge of what Islam is. It maybe that the media often say that the hijackers are muslims. Even when there is consensus amongst muslim learned men worldwide that they are not muslims. If a person with no medical education opens a medical office and starts treatment of patients. If the patients have some education and experience from the field, they’ll probably soon see, that this person has no understanding of how to treat patients. If he gets controlled by the authorities because of complaints, the first the authorities will check is his education papers. If they find out that the university doesn’t exist or that the papers are fake, he would be jailed for fraud. In every field we have groups of people who know their field inside out. Accepting expert advice from a non-expert is foolishness. No matter how much this doctor claims to this profession, no other doctor will agree that he is from their profession. From a real doctors perspective, he would want the authorities to stop his medical office because his destroying the reputation and reliability of his profession. 

Does The Media Distort Information? 

In other words, the media is listening to what the hijackers claims (whom may not have any formal education). Instead of our learned men who have decades of knowledge and practice of Islam. In other words the media’s source reliability is down to zero. If they wanted the truth to be known they’d not think twice, but asked the professionals in the subject. And easily be able to ascertain a fraudster from the real believing men. The Media are putting their ethics at stake by not doing this. Their intentions need to be evaluated. That is why for an ordinary person it is very important to know the anchors in the tv-channel before they believe everything they say. Some people have no shame. They can lie to your face without any bad feelings. They’ve over-ruled their own ethics so many times, that it doesn’t even make them feel bad. While a true believer, even when he/she knows he/she is on the right path, if and when someone claim something else, he/she would instantly check if he/she did the right action. The real true ones, they’d probably believe the false claimers and start working on themselves. It’s like two people coming home from a friday Khutbah (source muslim show). One is a true believer and the other is a hypocrite. When the family of the true believer asks how the khutbah (friday sermon at the mosque) was, the true believer would say; “I’m doomed. I have so many faults, the Imam talked about today. How will I manage to prosper? When the family of the hypocrite asks about the khutbah he is happy. The khutbah didn’t make him evaluate himself, and he thinks it went well. When anyone doesn’t even have a heart to stop oneself from lying on national television with millions of viewers, how can we not say that their hearts have gone black from continuous sinning. And now they do not feel bad about it. No conscience. And their hearts have stopped questioning themselves. May Allah help and guide all professions to live up to the perfect qualities according to their professions. Aamen

wrong and right.In some countries eating with your hands is seen as something good and normal. In other societies it is seen as abnormal to eat without cutlery. Societies and countries have made their written and un-written rules about what they see as normal. Something that is common in some societies is seen as backwards or illegal in other societies.

In many countries smoking cigarettes is seen as normal.

In fact if people attend a gathering and they don`t smoke or drink in that gathering, they are seen as backwards or old-fashioned. Even though we all know that smoking is hazardous to our health. It`s even done major campaigns to help people get motivated to stop. Drinking is also seen as a norm. You can`t have fun without it. The people who attend a party and doesn`t drink, do not know how to have fun. Though the police often talk about drunk teenagers being in a really bad condition after going home from a party. Drinking leads to many bad things, nothing good comes from it. Even though drinking is seen as normal, and anyone who doesn`t drink is seen as abnormal.

In some countries it seen as normal to have children outside of marriage.

Though we know that most children that grow up with one parent, doesn`t get the proper up-bringing a couple can give. Though it is seen as normal, even if it leads to people with many problems in the society. It is not good for a child to not have both parents with them. Or to have to have a father or a mother. A father can never take the whole role of a mother and the mother can never take the whole role of a father in a child’s life. The father and the mother complete each other and give their children the love, nurture, care and provide for them better when they have each other. Therefore same-gender parents are not good for the children. Even though in some countries it is seen as normal. Again the norm of the society makes something that is bad for the children, allowed. If the child grows up without knowing who their parent is, that is also detrimental for those individuals.

We know that weapons and knives can harm

We know that it is not good for all people to have weapons. We know that people can get killed and injured. Even when it can be an accident. We know out of numbers and incidents that in America there are many deaths because it is easy to buy weapons. Many people harm other because of it. It is not good for the society. Using weapons and showing off with them, is seen as cool and normal. Though we know it can take a life. We say we don`t want more wars, but many countries are earning lots of millions because they are selling weapons to other countries. This is seen as normal. I know your going to mis-use the weapons I`m selling you, but just because I need to earn that money, I don`t “mind” that you take as many lives as you want with it? Is this normal for you? We are talking authorities here. Not ordinary people. Authorities that maybe sitting in some peace congregation and promoting peace for all. But are they really, really working for it or against it? Being biased is seen as normal. That is not normal to me. These weapons take lives. A life in Pakistan or Syria is just as much worth as a life in Britain, Russia or America. When we are making it easy for other to kill other people, we are not working for the peace we were promoting in the congregation of UN or work for betterment for children or mothers like UNICEF promotes.

The average people has talked about someone in their absence

I guess over 70% of people backbite others. It is seen as normal in most societies today. If you are of those people whom dislike it, you would probably avoid social gatherings. Most socializing involves talking behind some people. If you don`t you are seen as a bore, whom doesn`t have anything to entertain with. When in fact a person whom is talking about others life, is indirect saying that my life is so boring, that I need to tell you about another person so that you would want to talk with me. The best people are those who talk about ideas and have healthy discussions that does not involving in talking bad about other people. Talks that are meaningful and bring out good, motivates and inspires.

It is not normal until it is good for you

We know that smoking, drinking, buying weapon, mixing without marriage, backbiting is bad for us. If the society and its people set a norm that is bad for the people, why is it seen as normal, when it makes ab-normal people. This has everything to do with humanity and wanting what is best for each other. We don`t need to be christian, jew, hindu, atheist or a muslim to know that all of these matters are harmful for our well-being. I can`t understand the fact that the community can legalize anything that is harming its citizens. It is not ok. And it is not normal. We need to define what is good, as normal. Don`t let people with wrong values decide what normal is to you, just because a lot of people are indulging in it. Right is right even if only one person is doing it. Wrong is wrong even if the whole community has “legalized” it. We want to normalize as norms, what is good for our  hearts, souls and bodies to build healthy people and good communities for muslims and non-muslims where we live.

love between spouse, sunnahIt is good to see that the community has seen the value of educating people before they get married to make sure that they are familiar to their responsibilities and their rights. Alhamdolillah. That is a great start. I feel that we need dig a bit deeper into the issue of marriage. To get a better result we must start earlier. First of all. Most of parents are not aware of the rights their children have to choose their own spouse, and mostly the relatives put many roadblocks in their way, if they don`t want two people to join in marriage. To give back the two individuals right to marriage, we must also educate their parents and their relatives, meaning the elders. Mostly whom has a twisted interpretations of Islam, and therefore also the practice.

The Struggle Is Real

If the mosque could have dars for parents that have children who are in their teens, it would help them understand, what kind of struggle teens have. We need to help parents understand that it is not easy for them to live here in the west and still stay pure. Parents can use the life of Sahaba to educate the teens on how they lived their life and what is expected from them according to Islam. Practice what they preach. Sadly most parents spend their time on matters that are pretty un-islamic. Teens learn love from the media, bollywood, hollywood and dramas, and think that they portray the right kind of love. WHen in fact they are not even near it. If the teens are taught about love through the lives of Prophet pbuh and Sahaba raa they will be educated in what could give them a more fulfilling and lasting marriage.

Asking For Trouble

If we want to get to the root of the problem, that is the parents and the community. If they have right values and live and act according to Islam, they will teach the same values to their children, through their life. Not just what they say or what image they have in their community. In most families the relatives wants to have a say when two families are thinking of marriage for their children. The chacha of fla fla is against it. Or the khallla of fla fla feels the same. Parents are also pressurized from the community and don`t know what to do. When in fact it is not the whole community that decides this. The people who want to get married doesn`t have a right to choose their spouse freely. When they meet so many roadblocks on the way. The elders are asking for trouble. Not only are they making it difficult for the ones that want to get married, to live a pure life, they are also increasing fitna by not accepting the good spouse that asking for their child in marriage. And most of all, I don`t understand how the alims or the mosque can close their eyes to this. Do they not know? Or maybe they agree to it. The culture is given precedence over religion. And that will make it more difficult for muslims to be true and sincere muslims.

Who Is To Blame?

It is to easy to put the blame on the spouses when a marriage fails. It is the fault of the community and their parents. What values they taught them from they were children and if they helped them follow Islam from them leading by example. It is the communities fault that they have not educated the parents. It is the parents fault that they have not taught the spouses their rights and obligations. When culture is more important than religion, we will have more trouble. We must get back to Islam not only by speech. That is where we will find blessings and everlasting happiness.

immigration, innvandrere,Selv om Pakistanere er mest synlig i bybildet og media, er det nå Polakkerne som er den største gruppen av innvandrere, etterfulgt av svenskene og deretter Litauere. 15,6 prosent (804 964 eksakt) av de litt over 5 millionene som bor i Norge har innvandrerbakgrunn, enten ved at de har innvandret eller er født i Norge med innvandrerforeldre. Siden 2007 har arbeidsinnvandring vært den viktigste grunnen til at innvandrerne kommer hit, og familieinnvandring årsak nummer to. Andelen av innvandrere i Norge er liten, likevel vet vi av erfaring at negative saker om innvandrere har flest lesere og flest kommentarer, deriblant mange negative. Men det viser fortsatt ikke helhetsbildet verken av innvandrerne eller av nordmenn.


Etikk framfor ressurs

Det er klart at vi hører mange historier om familier som blir sendt tilbake til hjemlandet, og den restriktive føringen ved at FRP er i regjeringen, merkes. Det har ikke alltid vært slik. Etter 1965 frem til 2013 har Arbeiderpartiet sittet i regjering i ca 28 år. De har satt etikk framfor mynter, når det gjaldt innvandringen. Norge har ikke gjort slik som f.eks USA og mange andre vestlige land har gjort ved å sile ut mennesker med mest utdannelse og mest potensialet for senere å gi dem tillatelse til å komme til landet deres. Vi har heller lagt et etisk grunnlag hvor mennesker ikke får hjelp pga hva de kan tilby oss, men heller med hvordan de kan hjelpes, for å lette problemene og bekymringene deres. Derfor har vi i motsetning til mange andre land, en høy andel av folk med lav eller ingen utdannelse som har fått flyktninghjelp i landet vårt. Dette er en historie jeg synes vi bør være stolte av og istedet for å se på det negative ved innvandringen bare sammeligne oss med andre land og tenke hvor mange liv og familier vi har hjulpet ut av et vanskelig og dyster tid, som flere andrel land har oversett. Jeg er sikkert på at disse hjertene ber for landet de har fått lov til å komme til, til tross for at de selv hadde lite å tilby. At vi ikke så byrden de ville lage men heller etikken bak å hjelpe mennesker i nød, er bemerkelsesverdig.


En utsatt gruppe trenger mer hjelp 

Siden flyktningene som har migrert til norge er av en slik kaliber at de har opplevd mye vanskeligheter i hjemlandet, i tillegg til at mange har lite eller ingen utdannelse, er det ingen skjult virkelighet at det kreves mer av Norge for å få dem integrert i samfunnet. Hvorvidt vi har feilet eller ikke i denne sammenheng får leseren selv avgjøre, men det er klart at det finnes potensiale for å gjøre forholdene bedre, selv også integreringspolitikken uten at vi trår til direkte assimileringspolitikk.


Erfaringsmessig mye potensiale

Om et voksent menneske er analfabet eller uten gjennomført høyere utdannelse betyr på ingen måte at vi ikke dra nytte av de ressursene de har med seg fra hjemlandet. Blant annet ved å tilrettelegge for å få disse menneskene til å kunne greie å stå på egne ben ved å skaffe fagbrev eller bestå norskprøver. Muligens er ikke nok gjort for blant annet hjemmeværende mødre med ønske om at de skal kunne språket til landet de bor i. Regelen om at alle må ta norskprøve og et minimum av timer er et skritt i riktig retning. Språk er nøkkel til samfunnet, uten å forstå eller gjøre seg forstått kan man jo tenke seg hvor mye et slikt menneske kan integreres eller hjelpe sine barn i et slikt avansert samfunn som vi bor i. Visdom kommer fra erfaring. Om noen ikke bruker skriftspråket vårt, betyr ikke det nødvendigvis at vi er flinkere enn dem. Noen mennesker går så langt til å si at vi kommer ingen vei med teorien hvis vi ikke har praksisen. Disse menneskene har levd livet og har mye visdom og kunnskap som et menneske med utdannelse kanskje ikke har. Det at vi ikke har forstått å gjøre nytte av den visdommen har jo resultert til at disse menneskene blir sett på som annenrangs borgere blant flere nordmenn. De har mye kunnskap som vi nordmenn kunne fått bruk for. Mye praktisk kunnskap kan erstatte teoretisk kunnskap, i mange sammenhenger. Men mye teoretisk kunnskap kan ikke erstatte praksis.


Nordmens holdning til innvandring

I 2014 var det 77% av nordmenn som mente at innvandrere er en ressurs for arbeidsmarkedet. 86 % nordmenn mener at innvandrere bør ha samme mulighet til arbeid som nordmenn har. Kvinner er mer liberale til innvandring enn menn og eldre mer skeptiske enn unge. De mellom 25-44 år er de mest innvandrervennlige av befolkningen hvorav de med høy utdannelse er overrepresentert blant disse. Personer som bor i tettbygde strøk er mer positive til innvandring enn de som bor i spredtbygde steder, kanskje siden de støter på flere i nærmiljøet, og er positivt overrasket av dem. 60 % av de spurte mener at innvandrere IKKE er en kilde til utrygghet i landet. Tidlig på 2000- tallet, da det samme spørsmålet kom opp, var et flertall av de spurte enige i spørsmålet. Tendensen viser at at nordmenn er mer innvandrervennlige enn før og at til tross for at det har vært terroralarm har ikke dette påvirket resultatet av undersøkelsen i negativ retning.


diamond, diamant, shine, bright.Nå er de jo her, så hva gjør vi?

Om de nå er her, hvorfor ikke gjøre det beste ut av situasjonen. Det at nordmenn er mer positive til innvandringen forteller at de har innsett at disse menneskene ikke er en byrde for samfunnet men heller en ressurs. Det er viktig at det settes inn insentiv for at denne gruppen blir godt ivaretatt og gis muligheter til å stå på egne ben. Media er blitt bedre enn før til også å belyse de bra sidene ved innvandring, men vi må ikke stoppe her. Potensialet må utnyttes til det fulle, både i arbeidsmarkedet og andre arenaer. Det interessante her hadde vært å holde en undersøkelse av innvandrerne og spørre dem hvordan de oppfatter arbeidsmarkedet og hvilke utfordringer de møter her. Det er ingen hemmelighet at det er satt høye krav til å få fast ansettelse ikke bare i privat sektor men også offentlig sektor. Til tross for at flere yrkesgrupper skriker etter flere arbeidere, er det ikke satt inn nok ressurser for å hjelpe folk i fast jobb. Tendensen er at det blir behov for flere ansatte i flere sektor, blant annet eldreomsorg og barn og oppvekst-sektoren. Det er ikke nok tilsøking til disse sektorene i forhold til etterspørselen av arbeidskraft. På den andre siden finnes det mennesker som ønsker å jobbe her men ikke har fått nok omstillingshjelp til å få fast ansettelse. Flere og flere blir nødt til å jobbe midlertidig over lengre perioder, med kanskje ingen mulighet for fast ansettelse. Det positive er at det finnes tilfeller hvor enkelte arbeidsgivere hjelper sine ufaglærte ansatte til å få fagbrev eller bestå norskprøver slik at de senere kan tilby dem fast ansettelse. De har forstått at innvandrere er en ressurs og at de trengs her. Innvandrerne har vist gjennom innsatsen sin at de er kvalifisert til jobben. En uslipt diamant, som trenger å forstå at de innehar potensialet og erfaring som samfunnet har behov for. Nå er spørsmålet om andre ledere har mot å følge fotsporene til disse enkelte lederne. Hva tenker dere om en person som har en diamant men behandler den som en sten? De fleste vil si at han ikke har sett hvilken rikdom han egentlig eier. Takk til de arbeidsgiverne som har innsett dette. Skulle ønske at dette kunne spre seg til flere eller alle arbeidsgivere i Norge. Håper den dagen kommer snart. Jeg må innrømme at jeg er redd for at de forstår det kanskje den dagen de har mistet den arbeidskraften som de etterspør til noen andre som så potensialet i dem.


Nordmenn mer positive til innvandring

Kriminelle innvandrerne er et mindretall og representerer ikke flertallet. Samtidig som at de hatefulle ytringene/kommentarene som blir spredd av nordmenn mot innvandrere på avisenenes diskusjonssider, ikke representerer flertallet av nordmenn i Norge. Ifølge ssb så var det i 2014 28% som mente at innvandrerne er kilde til utrygghet. Dette tallet hadde minket med 7 % siden 2013. 70 % er enige i at innvandring fra andre land enn norden er positivt for oss i Norge. Bare 15% prosent er uenige i dette utsagnet. Bare fordi et fåtall av nordmenn er mer aktive på diskusjonsforumer rundt om i landet betyr ikke at de snakker for hele Norge. Enhver innvandrer har et ønske om at de skal bli sett på som et individ og ikke bli satt i bås med alle innvandrerne, det samme vil jeg tro at nordmenn også ønsker. Flere nordmenn ønsker at det bør bli enklere for asylsøkere og flyktningere å få opphold i landet. De som mener det bør bli vanskeligere å få opphold har gått ned fra 42% til 28%. Vi må få frem det positive sammen de enkelte negative episodene, slik at vi viser et bilde av virkeligheten og ikke en gammel vrangforestilling som ikke er blitt slettet fra minnet. Dette tyder på at flertallet av nordmenn er positive til tanken om innvandring og for hva de betyr for landet. La oss kalle en spade for en spade og ikke kalle en spade for en gravemaskin. Dette er positive indikasjoner som jeg mener vi bør være stolte av. 🙂

Kilder: SSB.

mixing culture, islam, poison, water.Often we see that the media accuses Islam and muslims every time they find that a muslim has done a criminal act. Is Islam the only one to be blamed? What makes a person behave in a certain manner? Is it only their religious beliefs or are their other factors that makes a person like he/she is?


Genes from parents and culture

We know that there are some hereditary factors that makes the foundation of a human being. And we also know that in a family, siblings with the same parents can become totally different. In other words their environment plays a big role in what kind of people they become. We know that parents with children who are brought up in different countries, are totally different from each other. The culture of their country does also incorporate different sets of norms in people living there. The norms of their home, kindergarden, school, college, work is what makes us. Our friends, family, siblings, colleagues opinions has an effect on us.


Religious or non-religous

Our beliefs in God and religion does also have an effect on us, whether we have religious or atheists parents, makes an impact. Though there are some grey zones in this as well. Some people give more precedence to culture other than religion. Some people mix culture and religion and call it by the name of a religion, because of their ignorance or lack of knowledge. Some people twist and turn their belief to their own will, and make the religion into something else than what it actually is. So for some people to call themselves christians doesn`t automatically make them christians. Some well-known leaders of christianity may call them a sect and ask people to stay away from them. If we ever wonder whether a group of people are from a belief, we should ask the scholars of that religion that we know are on the right guidance in that religion and has a lot followers and great support and consensus in the community. If every scholar of that religion are agreed that those certain people are misguided i.e. ISIS than what kind of knowledge does non-muslims have to call them religious muslims. Go to the source. When people twist the words of a religion and follows it, we cannot blame the religion, it is the knowledge and understanding of the people whom does it, they can question. When we want to know something about an organisation we don`t ask the cleaners there, we go straight to the management and see what kind of people they are. Some people are only religious by their name and other are practising christians, jews, muslims. Just because your parents are practising and religious doesn`t automatically make you religious either. Sometimes when one meets difficult situations later in life we automatically turn to a belief to find help and support. So even if you are not born religious you can become quite religious because of your circumstances. When people meet difficulties they find comfort in praying to God, and hand over their problems to be inspired some solutions, and help for their troubles.


Many factors that has an impact on our behaviour

There are so many factors that has an impact on us and makes us the way we are, not only our beliefs. So for the media to only mention a criminal act as it was because he was a muslim, is not fair to Islam and far from the truth. We don`t need a PhD to understand this. It is common sence. Though media has an agenda making Muslims and Islam their enemy. May Allah protect us from such journalism that doesn`t write about the truth but twists their word according to their opinions. Ameen.

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My Prayer..

“O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light and make me a light. O Allah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.” Ameen

Bukhari and Muslim

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Surah 105 Al Fil

Let not man be intoxicated with power, Or material resourses, They cannot defeat. The purpose of Allah. So Abrahah Ashram Found to his cost. His sacrilegious attack On the holy Fane of Allah brought about His own undoing:what seemed but frail Destroyed his mighty hosts in a day!

The foolproof tip of the day for everyone else!



(",) My Mum always says that
you should marry someone
who loves you more than you
love him, because that man
would never ever make you cry
or be the reason that your
sheding tears. He would do
anything to always keep you
happy and satisfied (",)


(“,) Your heart is mine and mine is yours, and so it`s been since I`ve known love`s true meaning itself, holding each others hand we stand together beneath the lovely sky, gazing towards the same destiny, just U and I (“,)

Naat/hamd-Quote of the moment :)

Saari duniya ke liye dard
se mahmor hain jo..
Ik faqat Rehmat-e-aalam
hi ka seena dekha..

Ye sab tumhara
karam hain Aka
ke baat ab tak
bani hoyi hain..

Ehsas dein toofik dein..
Phir jazbaen Siddiq dein..

Kya ye zarra likhein
Shaan Unki, jin pe
bejhein Salaam
khud Khudai..

Quote of the moment :)

Though we might sometimes
have to struggle through thick
or thin,We will receive each
other’s support to be there to
win..And we will blossom like
this through eternity..
Ameen summa ameen

Når du er forent med en
du elsker, er det ingenting
du ikke klarer :)

Gode ord skaper tillit.
Gode tanker skaper
Inderlighet. God
giverglede skaper

Mood :)