Servants rights in Pakistan

Having a servant in Norway is only for the few. The majority can't afford it. InPakistan that is different. Because of the class differences, many people have servants. And many of these servants are children, whom can't afford a living and an education, so they chose work. There have been incidents in Pakistan where servants… Continue reading Servants rights in Pakistan

Ta ansvar for ditt liv

Det å ta ansvar for sitt liv, er noe en forventer av voksne mennesker. Dersom noen har et misbruk av alkohol finnes det metoder på rehab for å få kontroll over det. Det samme gjelder dersom noen misbruker heroin. Da ville det mennesket sannsynligvis blitt hjulpet av sine nærmeste til å starte rusbehandling. I disse… Continue reading Ta ansvar for ditt liv

Kan Politiets åpenhet om hverdagskrim øke lignende voldsepisoder?

Politiet har en oppgave ikke bare å sørge for trygghet for alle borgerne i Norge. Men også å holde folket opplyst når gelder trusselvurderinger som gjelder hele folket. Og også når det gjelder kriminellehandlinger på individnivå. Tvitter-kontoen til politiet er ganske aktiv. Det drypper Inn rned tvitringer om mennesker som er blitt borte og andre… Continue reading Kan Politiets åpenhet om hverdagskrim øke lignende voldsepisoder?

The cartoon ban of New York Times

Jews and Christians doesn't always see the satire of their religion as a problem. While if you ask muslims the same, they would strongly want a stop of satire when it’s about Islam. But what if the satire is about leaders of people, who are doing actions that have extreme effects on people worldwide. And… Continue reading The cartoon ban of New York Times

I Get Scared. I Have Daughters / Sons

We know that many muslim families in the west, help their children start wearing hijab from primary school. Many non-muslim disagree about this practice. Even politicians have spoken against it, and want the authorities to ban hijab from school. Hijab is fardh, obligatory, from puberty, in Islam. The years before puberty it is optional for… Continue reading I Get Scared. I Have Daughters / Sons

Media’s Source-Reliability Is Down To Zero

   The majority of people condemn those who hijack planes/buildings/stores. And believe that the hijackers are wrongdoers. When it comes to hijacking a religion (Islam), people instantly believe that they are believers of that religion (Islam) they are hijacking. When that is far from the truth. We Can't Expect People To Know This People can't… Continue reading Media’s Source-Reliability Is Down To Zero