Norwegian Muslims, Look At Great Britain

The muslims that migrated to Britain must have been different from the muslims that migrated to Norway. Although they are a few generations more than us. They have also succeeded much more in many ways. For example. The halal food industry is really huge there. Certified halal food is easy available in food stores and… Continue reading Norwegian Muslims, Look At Great Britain

If Every Generation Had To Invent Cars

The good and bad qualities that are in the generation of parents doesn`t automatically pass on to the next generation. It depends on the way we nurture good behaviour in our children, that matters. Sometimes we fail sometimes we succeed, Allah`s help is necessary.   Age is no obstacle Just because we didn`t get a… Continue reading If Every Generation Had To Invent Cars

What about an Islamic school in Norway?

The youth need education. Not only education about the dunya but also about the hereafter. In many countries we muslims have migrated to, there isn`t any islamic school for children. Norway is such a country. Here we have Mosques where children learn arabic, but none muslim schools. There are many advantages of having a school… Continue reading What about an Islamic school in Norway?

Teachers should get a raise :)

Our children are our biggest treasure, and so we should value them. In today's society in mostly of the families both of the parents work while their kids go to the kindergarten or school. That is where the children of this world spend most of their time. Isn`t it time that we give the teachers… Continue reading Teachers should get a raise đŸ™‚