Police cooperate with Imams

The police in England has cooperation with the local imam. In case they don't understand the issue about a matter. Imams are asked whether they can help. Often the police have been un-aware of the impact magic can have on a human. Because of the diversity in ethnicities in Britain today, they have understood the… Continue reading Police cooperate with Imams

Create Distance Or Increase Love? 

When we say or do something hurtful to our spouse, it creates a distance between you two.  For example Lying - 5 meters Harshness - 7 meters Unloyalty - 10 meters Unfaithfulness - 100 meters When we are good to our spouse and do deeds and actions that makes your spouse feel "respected", "loved" etc,… Continue reading Create Distance Or Increase Love? 

Achievements Without Allah Is Failures

When we learn something from our teacher. He (she) lights a torch of knowledge (wisdom) in us. The love for remembering Allah increases. Now it's upto us, to take care of it, help it grow and to pass it on to others, and invite them to the mehfil. The love of Allah, is such, that… Continue reading Achievements Without Allah Is Failures

Friends That Day.. 

Imagine if you are an organisation your company is listed on the stockmarket of Allah. Your price of every share is the value of each deed. The only one who will buy share in your company is those who see any kind of profit. If you are a good righteous muslims, people who cherish those… Continue reading Friends That Day.. 

Mujhpe Bhi Chasme-Karam

Mujhpe bhi chasme-karam e mere Aaqa karna Haq tou mera bhi hain (na) rehmat ka takaza karna Kankaron ka tere eejaz se woh bol uthna Woh darakhton ka teri deed pe jhoma karna Mujhpe bhi chasme-karam Aaqa, tou kisi ko bhi uthata nahi apne dar se Ke teri shan Aaqa, ke shayan nahi aisa karna… Continue reading Mujhpe Bhi Chasme-Karam