The Bond Of Marriage

Marriage is a serious bond between a husband and a wife, and one should be ready for it before we commit ourselves to it. Often we see that people who come to a certain age want to get married. Most often they haven`t thought well enough about the reasons behind their decision. Marriage is not… Continue reading The Bond Of Marriage

Real Beauty Is Seen Through The Soul

It is quite common these days, that people are attracted to others whom has a beautiful appearance. I guess a lot of young people get confused about what real beauty is. Generations get influenced by the media, the commercials, movies, tv-serials, where people with perfect body`s are picturing a scenario that is no-where close to… Continue reading Real Beauty Is Seen Through The Soul

The most successful wife :)

She is obedient, kind and loving towards her husband, ever eager to please him. She does not disclose his secrets or upset his plans. She stands by him at times of hardship, offering her support and wise advice. She shares his joys and sorrows. She endears herself to him by the way she looks and… Continue reading The most successful wife đŸ™‚

To have a good rolemodel

To have a good role-model is important for everyone ❤ Not only for the kids, but also for the adults. The people we look up to have a great responsibility. In case they do something good, people will follow them and they will achieve lots of sawabh. On the other hand if they do something… Continue reading To have a good rolemodel