Living In Makkah Madina

When I was on a trip to saudi arab Makkah and madina, our group went on ziyarah. A young guide, drove us from place to place. I still remember we asked this guide, you are so lucky, you live in the town so close to the best mosques, you can do umrah or hajj whenever… Continue reading Living In Makkah Madina

Going to the mosque :)

Before I went more frequently to the Mosque than what I do nowadays. There are a few reasons for that. For the first I think that it`s the Masjid`s people responsibility to take care of the new people who come and encourage them to come on different days they celebrate. Though what I`ve experiences is… Continue reading Going to the mosque đŸ™‚

My visit at Ghar-e-Hira :)

I`m going to write this one in Norwegian as it sometimes is a bit difficult to describe everything in english as my vocabulary is not that wide. But it`s increasing In sha Allah 🙂 Det er ikke sü lett ü fü taxi i verken Medina eller Makkah. Og selv om mange av taxisjĂĽførene kan urdu er det ikke alltid like lett ü gjøre seg forstĂĽtt. Sü vi ville fü en liten tur rundt omkring viktige steder nĂĽr vi… Continue reading My visit at Ghar-e-Hira đŸ™‚

The reasons why i enjoyed my stay at Makkah and Madina last year :)

I don`t think I will be able to list up all the reasons but some of the main reasons  which I wanted to share about why i enjoyed my stay in Saudi Arab are: The whole energetic feeling of being at a holy place 🙂 Simply wonderful 🙂 The feeling of nearness to God seeing… Continue reading The reasons why i enjoyed my stay at Makkah and Madina last year đŸ™‚