Mujhpe Bhi Chasme-Karam

Mujhpe bhi chasme-karam e mere Aaqa karna Haq tou mera bhi hain (na) rehmat ka takaza karna Kankaron ka tere eejaz se woh bol uthna Woh darakhton ka teri deed pe jhoma karna Mujhpe bhi chasme-karam Aaqa, tou kisi ko bhi uthata nahi apne dar se Ke teri shan Aaqa, ke shayan nahi aisa karna… Continue reading Mujhpe Bhi Chasme-Karam

Qualities That Increase The Reward In Your deeds

We are all in a race this month, the race to beat ourselves in doing better deeds each day, make the prayers that are accepted an achieve a better dunya and akhirah on the way. Most of us are. I wanted to share a few points for those whom are striving to improve their ibaadah… Continue reading Qualities That Increase The Reward In Your deeds

Humility Versus Arrogance

We are nothing without Allah. He is the One that has made us and given us life. If it wouldn`t have been His will we wouldn`t have been in this world. He is the one that gives us everything in this universe. Even if we would try to thank Him, the thankfulness would not be… Continue reading Humility Versus Arrogance

Don`t Let The World Degrade You :)

Note To Myself And The Women Of The World: Don`t let the world degrade you to an object to please strangers eyes. You are worthy of being the slave of Allah. Which is the highest status any woman can have. Don`t dress to impress men that would degrade you to a thing. Rather dress for… Continue reading Don`t Let The World Degrade You đŸ™‚