Types Of Oaths And Rulings Thereon

Yameen (Oath). This word is derived from meaning the right hand. This refers to what people used to do when swearing oaths, whereby each person would take the right hand of his companion. And it was said that it is because the right hand is associated with protecting things. Types of oaths Oaths are divided… Continue reading Types Of Oaths And Rulings Thereon

The Sun Isn`t Always Shining :)

The sun has it`s times when it is visible. It doesn`t shine all the time. Just like it`s not rainy all the time either. Sometimes when we experience a downfall it could be a way of redirecting us to something better. We can`t see the wisdom behind a decision that Allah makes. But Allah knows… Continue reading The Sun Isn`t Always Shining đŸ™‚

The Benefits of Wudhu :)

There are several hadiths told by our Prophet about the benefits of Wudhu. In a day those who pray all the prayers, does wudhu at least five times a day, if not more. Our Prophet (pbuh) has told us that purifications is half of faith. So we should keep ourself pure and neat at all… Continue reading The Benefits of Wudhu đŸ™‚

Some tips of how to ask Allah for forgiveness :)

Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was promised Jannah, even though he repented to Allah a hundred times a day. If he, as being so pure and with a heart of gold repented, than what are we if we compare ourselves to him. The narration says that Abu Burdah Ra said: "I heard the Prophet (pbuh) say:… Continue reading Some tips of how to ask Allah for forgiveness đŸ™‚

Salat-ul-tasbhi – prayer of forgiveness :)

Our Prophet (pbuh) has said that one should read the prayer of forgiveness to ask forgiveness for our sins. If one can read it one time in a day one should read it, if not then one time a week, if not then one time a month, if not then one time a year, if… Continue reading Salat-ul-tasbhi – prayer of forgiveness đŸ™‚