Garlic and onions again?

We often speak about parents wanting the best for their children. But is this really the truth? Several times have we heard about incidents where parents forcefully marry their children without their consent. But according to islamic law, marriage is not valid without consent. We have also had incidents in norway where parents make food… Continue reading Garlic and onions again?

For 5 minutes of pleasure between a male and a female

For 5 minutes of pleasure a male and a female create a human who will live 80 - 90 years (giennomsnittsalder). Who has to live a life maybe without one parent. Probably in poor condition. This disagreement could also happen to married couples. Where the mother says she is using the pill. The father doesn't… Continue reading For 5 minutes of pleasure between a male and a female

Is Caste-system still valid?

In my grand grandparents life, they lived in India before the partition of Pakistan. Living in a culture where hindus, Sikhs and muslims lived in the same country had an impact on the communities. Today Pakistani still use castes / tribes to recognize people. Tribalism is not so apparent as before.What I have understood from… Continue reading Is Caste-system still valid?

Why is this program named “everybody loves Raymond”

Child asks mother: «why is this seerial named «everybody loves raymond?»Mother sighs and replies : «because he was not able to say «no» to others. This is the reason why parents have the responsebility to teach self-respect to their children. Both boys and girls. Someday they will grow into adults and have their own family.… Continue reading Why is this program named “everybody loves Raymond”

While attending a gathering where winning dowry was the price

Once I went to a gathering where they asked me to have a speech for them. Many women and daughters were gathered. They had a lottery. The prize was that they would pay an amount for 5 daughters dowry. When I held the speech, I said, that it is very heartbreaking to have such an… Continue reading While attending a gathering where winning dowry was the price

I Get Scared. I Have Daughters / Sons

We know that many muslim families in the west, help their children start wearing hijab from primary school. Many non-muslim disagree about this practice. Even politicians have spoken against it, and want the authorities to ban hijab from school. Hijab is fardh, obligatory, from puberty, in Islam. The years before puberty it is optional for… Continue reading I Get Scared. I Have Daughters / Sons