The two-faced people are not reliable!

You have probably one time or the other met some people whom are two-faced. They say something else to you against someone else, and when they meet that person, they say something to that person against you, chugli is what we call that in Urdu. Usually this could be out of jealousy, someone has a… Continue reading The two-faced people are not reliable!

Use your own voice to raise your opinion!

Some people like to put others` in a bad light. Somehow they might be jealous of what they have achieved or some of the so-called leg-pullers whom can`t see any other happy. When one finally has great company than those people get so jealous and wants to destroy it somehow, maybe by using your voice?… Continue reading Use your own voice to raise your opinion!

To win trust :)

Sometimes when a few people have a circle of people around them, they prefer some over other. And the people they prefer, they spend more and more time with. The people who are left behind for some reasons, can sometimes be one of those leg-pullers. Yes the ones we have talked about so many times.… Continue reading To win trust đŸ™‚