Er det en stigma om skam for å søke hjelp?

Når vi hører en jente eller kvinne rope «hjelp» blir de som hører skrikene redde og skynder seg for å hjelpe. Men har vi noen gang hørt gutter eller menn skrike for å få hjelp på samme vis? Hvis menn hadde skreket hadde kanskje andre trodd de var de skyldige pga deres sterke/ høye stemmer.… Continue reading Er det en stigma om skam for å søke hjelp?

A sunny update

In pakistan it is considered as upper class to have white skin. Because if you have brown complexion. That means you have to take the bus or rickshaw. And of course if your brown that means you have to work. The fact that you have to work in a job where you have to expose… Continue reading A sunny update

While attending a gathering where winning dowry was the price

Once I went to a gathering where they asked me to have a speech for them. Many women and daughters were gathered. They had a lottery. The prize was that they would pay an amount for 5 daughters dowry. When I held the speech, I said, that it is very heartbreaking to have such an… Continue reading While attending a gathering where winning dowry was the price

Every Extreme Can Be Great 

  I'm an extremely sensitive and intense person. That's what makes me so creepingly extreme. Though I don't like all extremes. But some extremes are actually worth sharing. Like being extremely happy. But that won't last until we are extremely grateful and extremely content with our life. We can only achieve an extremely content life by… Continue reading Every Extreme Can Be Great