It`s important to help others BUT..!

We muslims have a responsibility to help others who are worse out then us. It is a hadith that like for your brother what you like for yourself. Though sometimes when one act upon this, it could go wrong. For instance if you are jeopardizing you love and understanding with your loved ones than you… Continue reading It`s important to help others BUT..!

Are you a motivator?

Each and every person of us can sometime or the other get a bit upset or down and would need a bit of a push in the right direction from their friends or surroundings. Sometimes people motivate you so much that you manage to do what you thought you couldn`t manage before or ever. Those… Continue reading Are you a motivator?

When Is Your Soul Happy ? :)

What makes one happy? When you follow the guidance from your Lord you feel inner contentment and peace and happiness. When you are surrounded by your loved ones and everyone is happy, you are happy. When you feel that you are making a positive difference in other muslims lives, you are happy. When you manage… Continue reading When Is Your Soul Happy ? đŸ™‚