Why is this program named “everybody loves Raymond”

Child asks mother: «why is this seerial named «everybody loves raymond?»Mother sighs and replies : «because he was not able to say «no» to others. This is the reason why parents have the responsebility to teach self-respect to their children. Both boys and girls. Someday they will grow into adults and have their own family.… Continue reading Why is this program named “everybody loves Raymond”

Some Thoughts About Issues In Marriages

"Life-partners should have a faithfulness towards each other that no one can challenge. Whether male or female, or a member of the family, or a person at the work, or at the mosque. In the world outside people will say and do all sorts of things of all sorts of motives; often they try to… Continue reading Some Thoughts About Issues In Marriages

Don`t Let The World Degrade You :)

Note To Myself And The Women Of The World: Don`t let the world degrade you to an object to please strangers eyes. You are worthy of being the slave of Allah. Which is the highest status any woman can have. Don`t dress to impress men that would degrade you to a thing. Rather dress for… Continue reading Don`t Let The World Degrade You 🙂

YOU got it WRONG, bullying is NOT OK!

I remember when I finished high school, I was so happy. Although i didn`t experience direct bullying, but there was so much pressure on us by our classmates to wear the right brand of clothes, and to hang with the cool people, and have a lot of friends. I was relieved when I carried on… Continue reading YOU got it WRONG, bullying is NOT OK!