How Dhikr Can Change Your Life

Hazoor Paak pbuh has said a muslim is a mirror to another muslim, when he /she sees anything wrong in it, he / she tells him / her. Often times when we are low in imaan, we dislike being advised from others. When anyone corrects us, we are greatly wounded. We forget that part of… Continue reading How Dhikr Can Change Your Life

How can our prayers be accepted by Allah :)

There are so many times we pray for something, though it is not always accepted by Allah. It is mentioned in a Hadith that after our death when our deeds will be weighted, our prayers/duas will be weighed also. The duas/prayers that wasn`t answered in our life will give us plenty of heavy good deeds. Allah… Continue reading How can our prayers be accepted by Allah đŸ™‚

Drud sharif parhnein ki barkatein :)

I remember last year in ramadan we got a whole page where there were written 55 reasons why one should recite Drud Paak:) I`m going to mention a few of them here: Drud Paak parhnein walein ke liye farishtein rehmat or bakshish ki duaein kartein hein. Drud Paak gunahon ka kafara hain. Drud Paak parhnein… Continue reading Drud sharif parhnein ki barkatein đŸ™‚