Where You Are Celebrated Instead Of Tolerated

A home should be a place where everyone has sanctity. There is a huge different in being a place where you are tolerated instead of being a place where you are celebrated. A place where we accept each other, where we can be just as we are, without having people who always pinpoint something wrong… Continue reading Where You Are Celebrated Instead Of Tolerated

We need a freedom of choice :)

Living in the West we see all kinds of people. Some people are totally western dressed where you can see that they aren`t exactly hiding their skin, others wear full-armed sleeves and even hijab or/and niqab. Yes we have freedom of speech, though my question is for how long? Nowadays the politicians in Norway have… Continue reading We need a freedom of choice đŸ™‚

Teachers should get a raise :)

Our children are our biggest treasure, and so we should value them. In today's society in mostly of the families both of the parents work while their kids go to the kindergarten or school. That is where the children of this world spend most of their time. Isn`t it time that we give the teachers… Continue reading Teachers should get a raise đŸ™‚