Preserving Image Has Become More Important Than Following Islam

It is good to see that the community has seen the value of educating people before they get married to make sure that they are familiar to their responsibilities and their rights. Alhamdolillah. That is a great start. I feel that we need dig a bit deeper into the issue of marriage. To get a… Continue reading Preserving Image Has Become More Important Than Following Islam

Kvinners Rettigheter I Islam Og I Vesten.

I vesten er det et vanlig syn blant de fleste mennesker at kvinner skal ha de samme rettighetene som menn. Dr Zakir Naik har holdt et foredrag om kvinners rettigheter i islam, hvor han sa at kvinner er biologisk, fysiologisk og emosjonelt annerledes enn menn, sĂĽ hvordan kan de ha den samme rollen i et… Continue reading Kvinners Rettigheter I Islam Og I Vesten.

Allah – The Most Patient :)

Allah is so patient with us. We truly are not angels neither are we iblis (satan), though we are sometimes not as patient as we should be. Each and every person has either had difficulty in his/her life. How we react to a calamity when it strikes is what tells us whether we have sabr… Continue reading Allah – The Most Patient đŸ™‚

Every person carries his own burden :)

"No person earns any (sin) except against himself (only) and no bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another". (Quran 6:164). Tafsir ibn Kahteer: Thus emphasizing Allah`s reckoning, decision and justice that will occur on the Day of Resurrection. The souls will only be recompensed for their deeds, good for good and evil for… Continue reading Every person carries his own burden đŸ™‚

Forced marriages are not a part of Islam

Marriage is important in Islam, it keeps you far away from everything that is haraam. There are two kinds of marriages forced marriages or arranged marriages. Most of us think that Asians are forced in marriages that they don`t want to be in. Even if that happens it is not a part of our religion… Continue reading Forced marriages are not a part of Islam