Police-violence in the U.S.

All the police-violence in the U.S. is terrifying. All the racism that has come to the surface have been reported before. But with George Floyds death, was the last drop, that caused demonstrations worldwide. I’m so proud of those who dare to speak up against the racism with non-violence. And I understand the pain they… Continue reading Police-violence in the U.S.

My mothers poor language skills in norwegian

My mother didn't understand norwegian as great as me and my brothers. One day, my brother was playing basketball, he hurt his hand. We had to rush to the emergency doctor in town. And since I was a child, I couldn't stay home alone. So my mother took me with them to the paramedic. While… Continue reading My mothers poor language skills in norwegian

Racism within our Ummah

It is important that we rapport when muslims encounter racism from non-muslims. Lets also not forget to higlight the racism within the ummah. Isn 't it our double-standard (biased) that we ask nonmuslims to be good to muslims, but we muslims ourselves treat each other differently, based on our color, blessings, status etc. Islam came… Continue reading Racism within our Ummah