What is love ?

Love for me is the most precious feeling in my heart.. Where you give yourself 1oo% to the one you love. Two people caring so much for eachother that nothing in the world could come between them. When you are away from that person, you would always want to know:  How he`s doing.. Has he… Continue reading What is love ?

Being strict with oneself

I know that the one person I`m the most strict with is myself. I put my standards very high and if something happens I get very disappointed in myself. Although I`m not known as the strictest person at home and certainly not from my nieces but I know in myself that being like this must… Continue reading Being strict with oneself

Having the same goals in life

I`m not sure about the amount of arranged marriages or love marriages. Though I think it is very important that the two people who are getting married should be given the opportunity to find out if they have the same goals in life. They should not only get married because their parents say that this… Continue reading Having the same goals in life

Stars were twinkling in her eyes..

Stars were twinkling in her eyes, when she saw him for the first time.. She couldn`t believe that this was it.. The time they would actual meet.. Suddenly he was standing in front of her.. Time just stood still for a minute or so.. They were enjoying every bit of each others nearness.. She had… Continue reading Stars were twinkling in her eyes..