Who Is Right? Who Is Wrong? 

Allah didn't say : Men are not allowed to oppress. Or. Women are not allowed to oppress. He said. Don't oppress another muslim. As an oppressor can be from both genders.  There are different types of oppression between the genders. When men are oppressed, they shy away from speaking up or getting help. Most men… Continue reading Who Is Right? Who Is Wrong? 

Threatening With Suicide

Threatening to take your life for the one you love, if they don't love you back, is like saying to Allah: " I love You (Allah) so much, that I am going to take my life for You.  Everyone is unique Allah, who gave you your life, gave it to you so you can live… Continue reading Threatening With Suicide

Media’s Source-Reliability Is Down To Zero

   The majority of people condemn those who hijack planes/buildings/stores. And believe that the hijackers are wrongdoers. When it comes to hijacking a religion (Islam), people instantly believe that they are believers of that religion (Islam) they are hijacking. When that is far from the truth. We Can't Expect People To Know This People can't… Continue reading Media’s Source-Reliability Is Down To Zero

No matter what: Trust yourself :)

My parents have shared several stories with me throughout my upbringing. And I would like to share a story with you. I`m not sure if I can remember it correctly but you`ll get the picture 🙂 A little family of a father and his son lived in a little town. They had a few belongings… Continue reading No matter what: Trust yourself 🙂

sick and tired of it dot com

Hvorfor tror så mange mennesker at de har en menneskerett til å uttale seg om en annen person? Det er ikke sikkert den andre personen er interessert i å høre den 1.million-ente-meningen til en forbigående person som skal fortelle noe om hvorfor han bør gjøre noe, eller hvorfor han bør slutte med noe. Kan de… Continue reading sick and tired of it dot com

How can you avoid manipulation?

This issue can be common in some families, between spouses, between friends, other people or at work. What happens is that people try to manipulate you into behaving like they want you to, by giving you a guilt-trip. I`m sure a lot of you may have experienced that some persons in your life make you… Continue reading How can you avoid manipulation?