Respect Is Important

The upbringing of girls and boys cannot be alike. I still see a lot of mistakes parents are guilty of, in raising their children. One of the most noticable one is teaching them respect. Even though times have changed but the mindset that is taught to boys hasn`t changed. The majority of boys and even… Continue reading Respect Is Important

Sincerely Repenting For The Same Sin Again :)

It was narrated from Abu Hurayra raa that in a hadith Qudsi the Prophet (pbuh) said, quoting the Lord, the Sublime and Majestic: " A man committed a sin and said: "O Lord, forgive me". Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, said: "My slave has committed a sin, but he knew that he has a… Continue reading Sincerely Repenting For The Same Sin Again đŸ™‚

Are you reading or watching television?

A few years back I remember I was all into Bollywood or songs and all that it contains. Though in a period of time I started to think over what I was doing. I thought a lot about whether this would give me any sawabh and if it is morally correct to listen to songies… Continue reading Are you reading or watching television?