Some Thoughts About Issues In Marriages

"Life-partners should have a faithfulness towards each other that no one can challenge. Whether male or female, or a member of the family, or a person at the work, or at the mosque. In the world outside people will say and do all sorts of things of all sorts of motives; often they try to… Continue reading Some Thoughts About Issues In Marriages

It`s Between Me And Allah :)

We need reminders like we need air to breath. Sometimes what takes us years to build, someone else in a minute destroys everything. Often because they are jealous. A shaykh once said that even if it takes you years to build something and someone destroys it a matter of second, build anyway. Because in the… Continue reading It`s Between Me And Allah đŸ™‚

What to do when you get really angry :)

What to do when you get really angry 🙂 : 1. Do dua in prayer and after the salah, that calms me down a lot - patience through salah is wonderful and very effective. 2. Read "la hauwla wala quwaata illa billa". Meaning there is no might except with Allah. And soon enough I calm down.… Continue reading What to do when you get really angry đŸ™‚