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israel, usa, world, president, war crimes cartoon gaza under attack israel carlos-latuffI get so amazed by some people when they say that they love a country/ethnicity etc. I know love is blinding, but most people do take this quite literally. For instance when your son is misbehaving in any way. You would, out of love as a parent, try to help him behave the right way. No parent would say, “Oh, I love my son so much, that I`ll let him do whatever he does, because I don`t want him to get hurt/sad”. That doesn`t make any sense. A parent when they see his son trying to catch “fire”, would stop him, so he wouldn`t get burned. Lets replace the little kid/son/brother with the name of Israel, and lets replace the name of parent/big brother with U.S. Now Israel is killing innocent civilians in Palestine, taking over their country. Some real mean stuff. The whole world knows their atrocities. Still father/big brother U.S. is backing him up. “Do whatever you want son. I`ll prevent you from falling or being jailed”, U.S. says. The whole world can see that and admit that most of what the Israelis are doing are wrong. Despite this, I know people whom praise Israel, like they can`t see their war-crimes.

Imagine Your Son Is Misbehaving At School

He is bugging some other kids. You wouldn`t, if you were a good decent parent, cheer him for doing this. I`m sure parents with good values, would stop their child from hurting others. Imagine, if you actually praised him for bullying some class-mates. What do you think would happen to your son? His confidence would increase, and he might do more and meaner stuff. Why? Because your backing him up. If you keep backing up your son, when he does something wrong, it will motivate him to keep on doing it and probably increase him in his wrongdoing. If you don`t want your child to eventually be criticized by the principal or get expelled, most parents, would try to use some incentives to help him stop from misbehaving at school. So you see when son Israel know that father/big brother U.S. has got his back no matter how much wrong he does to bullied Palestine, he won`t stop.

israel vs palestineThis Makes Me Angered And Sad

When other people whom supposedly love Israel, praise the state, despite the wrong decisions it has made, and how many war crimes it is involved in. How can you close your eyes to the fact that even if Israel can be doing 1% right, he is still doing 99% wrong. By cheering him up, just because you generally love Israel, because of it`s holy-ness, is wrong. Yes the land is holy, and muslims also believe that Judaism came before christianity and then Islam came after that. But we can`t stand here and say to someone who just because your message at that time was gods message, I agree with what you are doing now. That doesn`t make any sense. Besides. If you saw jews as your friends, you would tell him when his wrong. Even if that hurt him. You wouldn`t cheer on your friends when they make mistakes, big mistakes, like killing people. If you have the right values, you would make him go to the police and take the sentence the court judges. Because your friend killed another person. It`s not allowed. Just because your friend was born on holy land doesn`t make himself holy. Our Prophet pbuh said too his daughter Fatima raa, your lineage would not make you go to Paradise, so work on doing good deeds. That is the only way of going to Paradise. He said that to his own daughter. Ma sha Allah, that is Islam. Everyone has to pay for their own bad deeds, and will be rewarded individually for their good deeds. If they want to prosper, they will work on this. There is no shortcuts to success, each and every has to take the stairs, one step at a time. If you`re a friend of jews and Israel, a “real” friend, you would stop him from doing wrong. It`s that simple. And if the jews and the state Israel, doesn`t stop it`s war-crimes. It will have a bad end. Maybe in this world, but most certainly in the hereafter, when their crimes will be judged before Allah. They most certainly will have to pay for it. It`s not only about saving your butt in this world. The most important point is whether you are saving your or others butt in the next world, hereafter, when it really will matter. Because the outcome will decide your faith for eternity. May Allah open our eyes, before we become guilty in the same crime, because we didn`t put any effort in stopping it. Aameen.

stressed outIf and we try to understand why some people behave or say something, instead of just looking at how they behave or what they say, we can easily “help” the situation by responding accordingly.

Why Did You Yell, Dad? 

For example, when your toddler runs to pick up his football from the road. Most parents would become angry at him (yell) after they’d save him from the car on the road. A child doesn’t understand that your yelling and “danting” because you care. He will think it’s the opposite. We yell when we’re angry, but we also yell when we’re scared. The response is the same : yelling, but the reason behind it is difference according to ones feelings. Don’t think you know anyone when you only know their response and not their reason behind. Or the pressure they are experiencing.

Respond With Empathy

Everyone responds to things happening in their life according to their situation. You will surely see a different respond from people experiencing tension and stress in life compared to those with a tension-free life. It’s easy to say, he/she responds in-appropriately. Without being in the exact same situation yourself with the same amount of pressure, you have no idea how you would respond.

How Much Pressure Can You Tolerate? 

It`s like the tv-program “Myth Busters”, that wanted to see how stressed a person would become if he/she was tied and a drop of water would fall on his/her forehead. How long would it take before that person, would say “stop”. The amount of pressure a person can take is individual. When you have no idea what another person is going through. Please keep your own comments for yourself. God forbid may Allah not put you in a similar situation because of your arrogance and little empathy.


wrong and right.In some countries eating with your hands is seen as something good and normal. In other societies it is seen as abnormal to eat without cutlery. Societies and countries have made their written and un-written rules about what they see as normal. Something that is common in some societies is seen as backwards or illegal in other societies.

In many countries smoking cigarettes is seen as normal.

In fact if people attend a gathering and they don`t smoke or drink in that gathering, they are seen as backwards or old-fashioned. Even though we all know that smoking is hazardous to our health. It`s even done major campaigns to help people get motivated to stop. Drinking is also seen as a norm. You can`t have fun without it. The people who attend a party and doesn`t drink, do not know how to have fun. Though the police often talk about drunk teenagers being in a really bad condition after going home from a party. Drinking leads to many bad things, nothing good comes from it. Even though drinking is seen as normal, and anyone who doesn`t drink is seen as abnormal.

In some countries it seen as normal to have children outside of marriage.

Though we know that most children that grow up with one parent, doesn`t get the proper up-bringing a couple can give. Though it is seen as normal, even if it leads to people with many problems in the society. It is not good for a child to not have both parents with them. Or to have to have a father or a mother. A father can never take the whole role of a mother and the mother can never take the whole role of a father in a child’s life. The father and the mother complete each other and give their children the love, nurture, care and provide for them better when they have each other. Therefore same-gender parents are not good for the children. Even though in some countries it is seen as normal. Again the norm of the society makes something that is bad for the children, allowed. If the child grows up without knowing who their parent is, that is also detrimental for those individuals.

We know that weapons and knives can harm

We know that it is not good for all people to have weapons. We know that people can get killed and injured. Even when it can be an accident. We know out of numbers and incidents that in America there are many deaths because it is easy to buy weapons. Many people harm other because of it. It is not good for the society. Using weapons and showing off with them, is seen as cool and normal. Though we know it can take a life. We say we don`t want more wars, but many countries are earning lots of millions because they are selling weapons to other countries. This is seen as normal. I know your going to mis-use the weapons I`m selling you, but just because I need to earn that money, I don`t “mind” that you take as many lives as you want with it? Is this normal for you? We are talking authorities here. Not ordinary people. Authorities that maybe sitting in some peace congregation and promoting peace for all. But are they really, really working for it or against it? Being biased is seen as normal. That is not normal to me. These weapons take lives. A life in Pakistan or Syria is just as much worth as a life in Britain, Russia or America. When we are making it easy for other to kill other people, we are not working for the peace we were promoting in the congregation of UN or work for betterment for children or mothers like UNICEF promotes.

The average people has talked about someone in their absence

I guess over 70% of people backbite others. It is seen as normal in most societies today. If you are of those people whom dislike it, you would probably avoid social gatherings. Most socializing involves talking behind some people. If you don`t you are seen as a bore, whom doesn`t have anything to entertain with. When in fact a person whom is talking about others life, is indirect saying that my life is so boring, that I need to tell you about another person so that you would want to talk with me. The best people are those who talk about ideas and have healthy discussions that does not involving in talking bad about other people. Talks that are meaningful and bring out good, motivates and inspires.

It is not normal until it is good for you

We know that smoking, drinking, buying weapon, mixing without marriage, backbiting is bad for us. If the society and its people set a norm that is bad for the people, why is it seen as normal, when it makes ab-normal people. This has everything to do with humanity and wanting what is best for each other. We don`t need to be christian, jew, hindu, atheist or a muslim to know that all of these matters are harmful for our well-being. I can`t understand the fact that the community can legalize anything that is harming its citizens. It is not ok. And it is not normal. We need to define what is good, as normal. Don`t let people with wrong values decide what normal is to you, just because a lot of people are indulging in it. Right is right even if only one person is doing it. Wrong is wrong even if the whole community has “legalized” it. We want to normalize as norms, what is good for our  hearts, souls and bodies to build healthy people and good communities for muslims and non-muslims where we live.

sunnah is helping around in the house, men, husband, fatherRamadan is a month to let our soul connect with Allah through ibaadah. It is important that all the family members get a chance to improve themselves, not only the men. Often the women in the house, daughter, sister, mother, wife does not get the chance to spend as much time for ibaadah because of the chores of the house. It is important that the whole family helps around, so that it doesn`t burden a few. Ramadan is not about the iftars and food we are going to eat at the end of the day, it is about getting closer to Allah and how can we possibly achieve that if we are over-burdened.

It is important that men help around the house more in ramadan. The same if you have children, keep them also busy helping. Good family ties kan only be kept from team work, we are in this together, one goal, and we help each other to do good. If ramadan is meant for us to forget the women in the house and overburdening them with our request for iftar meals, we are not living the essence of ramadan.

help me draw closer to you this ramadan.You are not the only one whom prayers are obligatory for. Your family must also pray. Make it easy for each other to pray. Give the women in your family breaks at salah time to complete the salah with khusoo and no concern for the food that is cooking. Men will be held accountable for every salah their daughters, sister, mother and wife missed or read being overburdened. Work chores can easily become family time, if we try to keep a good environment for each other. Maybe that is something that won`t make the chores that unwanted, especially by the children or teens. If these teens boys and girls are given good values from the start they will grow up and become an asset to the whole community, not only for themselves. Parents can teach them good qualities. It is vital that we give them time as the fragile age they are in. A good muslim is first and foremost good to his family. Ramadan is a time to grow spiritually. Make this a time for the whole family to help become better people and better muslims.

status of women in islamI vesten er det et vanlig syn blant de fleste mennesker at kvinner skal ha de samme rettighetene som menn. Dr Zakir Naik har holdt et foredrag om kvinners rettigheter i islam, hvor han sa at kvinner er biologisk, fysiologisk og emosjonelt annerledes enn menn, så hvordan kan de ha den samme rollen i et samfunn som menn da. Å si likestilling blir helt feil, man kan heller bruket ordet likeverd.

For noen titall år siden ble det diskutert hvorvidt kvinner hadde en sjel, mens i Islam ble det for 1300 år siden fortalt via Koranen at kvinner og menn har sjel og er likeverdige. Kvinner har 3 ganger så masse høyere verd enn menn. En av profetens venner kom til profeten Muhammad (pbuh) og spurte profeten; hvem har mest krav på meg? Profeten svarte tre ganger; din mor, fjerde gangen sa han din far. Det betyr at kvinner har veldig høyt verd i Islam. Ikke minst pga smerten de må gjennom ved å bære frem barn og selve fødselen. Profeten Muhammad (pbuh) har selv sagt at Jannah (paradiset) ligger ved moren din sine føtter.

En annen hadith understreker at dersom en far/bror har en eller flere døtre/søstre og de behandler dem bra og sørger for at de tilegner seg bra verdier og døtrene/søstrene gifter seg, så vil Allah gi han beskyttelse fra ilden etter døden/dommens dag og/eller være grunnen til at han får gå til Paradiset.

I kristendommen tros det på at skylden for at Eva as og Adam as ble kastet ut av paradiset, blir lagt på Eva as. Mens i Islam fikk både Eva as og Adam as delt skyld i samme sak. Kvinner i Islam ble gitt rett til å ha sin egen eiendom og lønnen de får når de arbeider eller driver næringsvirksomhet, kan de bruke på det de måtte ønske. Mannen derimot er nødt for å bruke sin lønn på familien sin, deriblant konen, selv om hun har egen inntekt.  Det forklarer hvorfor menn arver mer enn kvinner, fordi de har forsørgeransvaret i familien som fedre/brødre.

Menn og kvinner i islam er gjetere for hver sin flokk, det betyr at de har ulikt ansvar som de må stå til rette for, og som er begge like viktig for at familien skal fungere. Mannen er familiens overhode, men de er alle teamspillere og teamet vil ikke fungere uten bra samarbeid innad. Kvinnene er mildere og mer følsomme enn menn, dermed er de mer egnet til å ta hoveddelen av oppdragelsen av barna, siden de lettere forstår barnas situasjon i fargen av deres natur.

I islam er kvinnens ære beskyttet. I vesten blir kvinner degradert til objekter som viser frem sin hud for å selge både det ene og det andre. Hvordan kan man si at dette gir kvinnen mer rettigheter i vesten? Før Islam ble kvinner sett på som sex-objekter hvor man ikke trengte å gifte seg med kvinnene men heller ble eid av mennene som ønsket dem. På den tiden kunne kvinner kunne gå i arv bare for at de skulle beholde den formuen hun eide/ hadde tilegnet seg gjennom mannen. Islam ga kvinner rett til å si nei til et ekteskap. Islam fortalte hvem som kunne gifte seg med hverandre, samt hvem som var forbudt for hverandre. Blant annet for å avverge at moren ble gift med nær slektning når “mannen” døde og avverge andre sykelige forhold som fantes i samfunnet på den tiden.

Samtidig er sex i islam sett på som noe veldig skjønt men tilbeholdt innenfor ekteskapet. Allah beskriver i Koranen at ektemannen og konen er sett på som hverandres klær som skal beskytte hverandre og gjemme hverandres feil fra andre. Som hverandres bekledning er de nærmest hverandre. Når kvinner hadde menstruasjon, før Islams tid, ble de sett på som noe urent og djevelsk. Mens i Islam pleide profeten Muhammad (pbuh) å resitere koranen mens han hadde hodet sitt i fanget til sin kone Aisha (raa) selv når hun hadde mensen.

Før Islam hadde mennene mange kvinner, I Islam ble ekteskapet sett på som halve troen og en kontrakt på papiret hvor man må ha vitner. Menn har rett til å gifte seg med inntil fire koner dersom det er enker eller foreldreløse som trenger støtte. Det ble tillatt etter en krig i Islam hvor det var mange enker og som hadde barn som trengte støtte for å ha noen som kunne brødfø dem. Dersom mennene frykter at de ikke ikke skulle greie å behandle alle konene likt, har de ikke lov til å ha flere koner. En person som har flere koner men ikke behandler de likt/rettferdig vil ved dommens dag stå opp med bare halve av sin kropp, Tirmidhi. Samtidig har også Profeten pbuh vist at monogami er også fra hans Sunnah. Når Profeten giftet seg med Khadijah raa, var han kun gift med henne, så lenge hun levde. De levde sammen i ca 25 år.

Vi må skifte fokus fra å snakke om likestilling til å snakke om likeverd. To vesener som er så ulike kan uansett hva vi sier eller gjør,  aldri bli like. Det forventes ulikt fra menn enn fra kvinner. Det er bare kvinner som kan føde barn og de er mer følsomme og emosjonelle enn menn. Derfor blir det mer riktig å snakke om likeverdet mellom de, enn likestilling. Når man begynner å beskrive ordet verd, ser man at Islam gir kvinner mer verd enn menn. Det er også en hadith som sier at dersom folk forstod den virkelige status en kvinne har i Islam, vil selv menn ønske å være en kvinne.

Det er klart at det er vokst frem en ukultur i det muslimske miljøet som undertrykker spesielt kvinner, men også menn. Denne ukulturen er ikke fra religionen og kan også ha sammenheng med at folk ikke praktiserer islam i stor grad, men velger hva de ønsker å praktisere og hva de ønsker å overse. Mens islam egentlig betyr at man skal underkaste seg alle lovene til Allah og ikke bare de som passer en selv.

Mye av ukulturen blant pakistanere stammer også fra dengang hele landet var sammenslått med India. Vi har arvet mye fra India.

En sak som er viktig å understreke er at dersom en person som er norsk gjør noe galt, sier man ikke at alle kristne gjør den og den gale handlingen. Men dersom en pakistaner, eller muslim gjør noe galt, vil man med en gang si at det er det Islam sier. Det er veldig vanlig spesielt i media og vinklingen til journalistene er ofte preget av muslim-/islam-hat.  Dersom et tre har et rottent eple, så vil ikke et intelligent menneske si at det er treets skyld. Alle trær kan ha noen rotne epler. Men når en muslim gjør noe galt, istedet for å se om han er praktiserende eller ikke, vil de uten å blunke si at det er Islam sin skyld.

Journalister vil alltid farge sine artikler etter sine meninger. Men vi som leser disse artiklene bør skaffe oss mer samfunnsforståelse og være mer kritiske til det vi leser. Det er den eneste løsningen på dette. Ikke feie alle over en kam, men vit at akkurat som at det finnes bra og dårlige kristne/jøder, finnes det også bra og dårlig muslimer. Å skylde på Islam, kristendom, jødedom når en muslim, kristen, jøde gjør noe galt, er ikke noe et opplyst samfunn vil gjøre.  Istedet vil de se hans/hennes gjerninger i lys av de verdier han/henne hadde tilegnet seg i løpet av livet. Verdiene til en person kan være preget av flere forhold og ikke nødvendigvis bare religion.

Jeg tror at kvinner har bedre rettighet og verd i islam enn det vesten noen gang kunne gi kvinnen. I Islam er kvinnen sett på noe som man skal beskytte og ikke vise til ethvert menneske. I vesten blir kvinner brukt aktivt i markedsføring på alt fra biler til undertøy. Jeg tenker vi må åpne våre øyne og se at kvinner har mer rett i islam enn det vesten noen gang kan greie å gi. Islam i sin uforandret tilstand beskytter kvinnen, mens samfunnet i vesten degraderer kvinnen.

status of women in islam 2Every boy is taught by his parents and especially the males in his life, how to treat women. If those role-models have poor character, than that would rub on of the boys/kids. This is mostly the parents fault as they are not teaching the right values to their children. It would not be far from the truth that if a kid grows up in a family, where the head of the family, is very strict, and his sisters and the mother has to do all the work home and is not treated fairly. That is what they will become when they become adults.They will think, that only their sisters, spouse, mother, daughter etc has to do all the work. That they can treat them the way they want. They will have zero respect for them and oppress them. It won`t stop them from mistreating girls at school, work, in the bus, and wherever they see them they will look down on them like they are less worth than them. Would they have liked if someone treated someone they loved like that? If they behave like that they don`t even know what love is, or what true love is.

Imagine, a kid that has grown up with the values of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), because his father and the men in his life practiced those values. How do you think that person would treat his mother, spouse, sister or daughter. Wouldn`t he just cherish them beyond means and be the best to them. Not only to respect them and help them around the house, but also protect them and have a strong feeling of gheerah towards them.

If the kids aren`t taught the right values, that would have an impact on them throughout their lives. Of course, it`s not always the parents fault either. Sometimes the parents has done a great job in raising their kids, but the influential environment they are living in, their friends and surroundings, have bad influence on them. Just to play cool and be liked by their friends, they end up mistreating the same gender of the one that gave birth to them and took care of them when they couldn`t do anything by themselves.

In respect of how our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught men to treat the women in their lives, there are several lessons to learn. For instance, the prayer of your mother (father) is near to Allah and answered. If you are good to them, they will pray for your good. If you are mean to them, no matter how much they try to control of themselves, Allah can listen even their supplications in their hearts. So if you shouldn`t mistreat your mother, than you are also in respect of the gender never mistreat any other girl/woman also. Remember that the prayer of the oppressed is near to Allah. If you oppress someone their prayer could ruin your life or worst of all, your akhirah (Hereafter).

There is an hadith where the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) says that if parents/brothers have three of four daughters/sisters and they are good to them, and teach them Islam and they practice it, Jannah will be theirs. A girl/woman is a rahma to the family. They have soft hearts and are more gentle in mind and have more EQ (emotional intelligence) than men. Think if men had the responsibility of raising the children. It is the nurturing of a woman who raise children that becomes good people and a treasure to the society they live in. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) visits the house, where there is born a girl. That is truly a blessing.

Another thing is that men may have protective gheerah towards their own woman, but soon as they see another girl/woman, They would say bad things about her and treat her like trash. Isn`t she someone`s sister, spouse, mother daughter? Would you want some people to do the same to the women in your life? I reckon your answer is no. Therefore always know that you should love for your brother what you love for yourself. Just like you have a right to live happy, married and blessed, so does your brother. If you want to have all the great things that life has to offer. So does your brother 🙂 If you put obstacles in your brothers way, than you should be scared of the punishment for that from Allah. No one deserves oppression. Not even Pharaoh, to give an extreme example. Allah is just, and will give patience and victory to the oppressed.

If you are feeling sad because your brother has been given a blessing, then be patient and happy for him. He may have struggled his buts of for it for years. Instead of putting obstacles in his way, be happy for him and pray that Allah grants him more. A part of that supplication is for yourself, as an angel by your side will say: ” and may you have something similar”. Be patient. When your time will come, Allah will grant you abundance. Allah is great, and has so many blessings to offer. As a saying says, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Just because there is one fish less, doesn`t mean we are out of fish 😉 Be happy for each other instead of putting each other down. Remember, if you support your brother in his times of need, Allah will support you, in your times of need. Because as you reap you shall get. 🙂

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My Prayer..

“O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light and make me a light. O Allah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.” Ameen

Bukhari and Muslim

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Surah 105 Al Fil

Let not man be intoxicated with power, Or material resourses, They cannot defeat. The purpose of Allah. So Abrahah Ashram Found to his cost. His sacrilegious attack On the holy Fane of Allah brought about His own undoing:what seemed but frail Destroyed his mighty hosts in a day!

The foolproof tip of the day for everyone else!



(",) My Mum always says that
you should marry someone
who loves you more than you
love him, because that man
would never ever make you cry
or be the reason that your
sheding tears. He would do
anything to always keep you
happy and satisfied (",)


(“,) Your heart is mine and mine is yours, and so it`s been since I`ve known love`s true meaning itself, holding each others hand we stand together beneath the lovely sky, gazing towards the same destiny, just U and I (“,)

Naat/hamd-Quote of the moment :)

Saari duniya ke liye dard
se mahmor hain jo..
Ik faqat Rehmat-e-aalam
hi ka seena dekha..

Ye sab tumhara
karam hain Aka
ke baat ab tak
bani hoyi hain..

Ehsas dein toofik dein..
Phir jazbaen Siddiq dein..

Kya ye zarra likhein
Shaan Unki, jin pe
bejhein Salaam
khud Khudai..

Quote of the moment :)

Though we might sometimes
have to struggle through thick
or thin,We will receive each
other’s support to be there to
win..And we will blossom like
this through eternity..
Ameen summa ameen

Når du er forent med en
du elsker, er det ingenting
du ikke klarer :)

Gode ord skaper tillit.
Gode tanker skaper
Inderlighet. God
giverglede skaper

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