The disease of ar-riya and the cure for it :)

Sometimes one can have in oneself different things that one does not know enough about, to prevent oneself from. One of these actions is ar-riya or ostentation. Below there will be mentioned different aspects that show the signs of riya and afterwards you can read the cure for such disease also. May Allah help us… Continue reading The disease of ar-riya and the cure for it đŸ™‚

A supreme supplication for forgiveness :)

The Supplication`s name is sayyidal-astagfar. It is a great supplication to be forgiven. If you memorize it and read it after every salat, you will in sha Allah be forgiven your faults. If you read it twice a day, one time in the morning and one time before you go to sleep, if you die,… Continue reading A supreme supplication for forgiveness đŸ™‚

Some tips of how to ask Allah for forgiveness :)

Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was promised Jannah, even though he repented to Allah a hundred times a day. If he, as being so pure and with a heart of gold repented, than what are we if we compare ourselves to him. The narration says that Abu Burdah Ra said: "I heard the Prophet (pbuh) say:… Continue reading Some tips of how to ask Allah for forgiveness đŸ™‚