Minorities in Pakistan – A request to the PM

As a minority when I complain to the majority of people in Norway, their response is often times. Go back where you came from. Though I have only been in Pakistan five times. The next response of ethnic Norwegians is that, why should we give you muslims more rights, when christians in Pakistan are often… Continue reading Minorities in Pakistan – A request to the PM

Are You A Good Friend?

I get so amazed by some people when they say that they love a country/ethnicity etc. I know love is blinding, but most people do take this quite literally. For instance when your son is misbehaving in any way. You would, out of love as a parent, try to help him behave the right way.… Continue reading Are You A Good Friend?

Jews Casualties Versus Muslim Casualties

People are still giving their condolences to the killing of jews that happened in world war 2, where (some say) that 6 million jews were murdered. Although we don`t know the exact number or if the number is correct. The jews have been given a veto in almost every case that matters them, because of… Continue reading Jews Casualties Versus Muslim Casualties

Calling the jews to invoke Allah to destroy the unjust side.

Muhammad bin Ishaq Ra narrated that Ibn Abbas said that Allah said to His Prophet (pbuh): "Say to them if the home of the hereafter with Allah is indeed for you especially and not for others, of mankind, then long for death if you are truthful". (Quran 2:94) Meaning: Invoke Allah to bring death to… Continue reading Calling the jews to invoke Allah to destroy the unjust side.

To respect others one starts with oneself!

It is true that in order to respect another human being it is important that one respects oneself. When Norwegians say something bad about the religion Islam or our Prophet Muhammad, it happens mainly because they don`t respect themselves or have any clear picture of what their own religion is. They are either atheists or… Continue reading To respect others one starts with oneself!