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prophet muhammad pbuh picture, sabz ghumbad, madinaMujhpe bhi chasme-karam e mere Aaqa karna
Haq tou mera bhi hain (na) rehmat ka takaza karna

Kankaron ka tere eejaz se woh bol uthna
Woh darakhton ka teri deed pe jhoma karna

Mujhpe bhi chasme-karam

Aaqa, tou kisi ko bhi uthata nahi apne dar se
Ke teri shan Aaqa, ke shayan nahi aisa karna

Mujhpe bhi chasme-karam

Aur un sahaba ki khush-atwaar nigahon ko salaam
Jin ka maslak tha tawaf-e-rukhe-zaiban karna

Mujhpe bhi chasme-karam

Mein ik zarra ho mujhe vusate sehra dede
Ke tere bas mein hei katron ko bhi darya karna

Mujhpe bhi chasme-karam

Mujhpe mehshar mein Naseer unki nazar par hi gayi
Kehne waale jise kehte hai khuda ka, karna

Mujphe bhi chasme-karam e mere Aaqa karna
Haq tou mera bhi hai rehmat ka takaza karna

-naat /nasheed read by Horia Faheem Qadri-

Kadi Uthdi si Kadi behndi si
O digdi dendi rendi si

Unho koul na koi bulanda si
Ohde naaz na koi chanda si

Ohdi langdi kivein diyali si
Ohdi dachi sab to maari si

Oh dachi di jeri mayi si
Ohda naam Halima dai si

Akhir wich makke ayi si
Joh aake oh pachtai si

Har bua o karkaya si
Unho kher kisein na paya si

Har paseon jadd o reh gayi si
Sarkar de bohe beh gayi si

Rehmat da chulla challya hai
Sarkar da boha khullyan hai

Ek londi bahir ayi eh
Dai wal chati pay eh

Har baho os uthaya hain
Nale moeein farmaya hain

Aa tennu naal le java mein
Ikh noori mukh weekhava mein

Sade werde o chand charya hain
Jida chand we kalima parhya hain

Chaldi naal Halima dai hain
jado nazar sohne te pay hain

Dil apna parh ke beh gayi hain
Sarkar no takhdi reh gayi hain

Eh Sohna laya si mehno
Rehmat de paak khazine no

Bari dil mili tasalli hain
Sarkar no le ke challi hain

– Read by Ahsan Amin –

daughter, upbringing, mother, the muslim showA lot of people say that we lack kindness in the world. If only people would be nice to each other, people would live happy. I think we need to analyze what niceness is and what kind of values there are in a good friend to answer this question.

Parents that don`t give you what you want

Children and teens often criticize their parents that they aren`t being nice to them. Maybe because they tell them to do all their homework before they watch television, or always tell them to inform them where they are so they don`t get worried, or to help wash the dishes and other chores in the house. Would they have been nice to them if they let them stay up all night, drink and eat whatever they want, and go to school only if they feel like it? Would these teens become good adults if they have such an upbringing? Actually if the parents give their children a good upbringing the children might dislike it at the moment, but later on in their life, most of them would realize that their parents were right. It is not easy for a child/teen to see the hikmah/reason behind a decision. They must accept it. The parents often put their children’s needs before their own. That is the love they have for their children.

Only Allah knows the Hikmah of a decision

Niceness is not always that you get what you think is good for you. Withholding something can also be niceness, from parents or from Allah. We should always work and strive for the good we want, but sometimes what seem good to us, will maybe not be good to us, so Allah by his Rahma withholds that from us. We complain and stop to pray. Later on in our life, we see the hikmah of that decision and realize that it actually was for the best, even if it did cause us pain for some time. That is why it is important to do your best, but leave the rest to God. If it is Allah`s will you will achieve it, if it isn`t His will, He will give you something better in return if you are patient.

friendsWhat is a good friend ?

Often we choose people with the same hobbies as ours, as our friends. How will we be able to keep a conversation if we don`t have anything in common? First of all, a good friend is the people whom have good universal values. Often we see that the values of people we spend time with rub off on us. If they are decent people, we will learn decent things from them, if they are bad people, we will see some of the same things in us. For example, if your friends know the abc of breaking the rules by encouraging you to break the speed-limit when you are driving, bending tax-rules or other things, that is what you will learn from them. On the contrary if you have friends that goes regularly to the mosque or is learning the Quran, and listen and reads nasheeds, that is how you are going to be as well. Like-minded people find each other. A friend is the one whom will teach and tell you good things, and correct you privately when you are wrong. If he/she is your friend, they will worry about your Akhirah/Hereafter, and invite you to do good deeds, and want to see you in Jannah/Paradise with them.

Can you handle the truth?

Ultimately it boils down to the point that if some people care about you, they will tell you the truth in such a beautiful manner, even if they are correcting you, they are doing it in the best way, because they care. Would you rather they not? Those whom have others that worry for them are succesful people. Be it parents, siblings, spouses or friends. Those who truly value you as a person would want the best for you and guide you to do good deeds. They will tell you the truth in the doses you can take, so that you will be able to handle it, and grow as a person. We all have a responsibility of correcting each other privately in the best manner, so that we don`t discourage or depress people, but rather inspire them to become better people. Niceness is not that other people do as you wish at all times, but it is rather that they do what is right for you, even if you at the moment may dislike it. May Allah give us good friends and make us a good friend to others,  and make us trust the decisions Allah makes for us. May Allah help us help others. Ameen summa ameen.


prophet muhammad

Rok leti hain aap ki nisbat, tir jitne bhi ham pe chaltein hain

Ye karam hain Huzoor (pbuh) ka ham par, aane vale aazab dhaltein hain

Aab koi kya hamein ghirayen gha,  har sahara galein lagaye ga

Hum ne khud ko ghira liya hain vaha, ghirne valein jahan sambhaltein hain

Rok leti hain aap ki nisbat, tir jitne bhi ham pe chaltein hain

Wohi bhartein hain joliyan sab ki, woh samajtein hain bolia sab ki

Aoo bazaar Mustapha ko chalein, kothe sikhein vahi pe chaltein hain

Rok leti hain aap ki nisbat, tir jitne bhi ham pe chaltein hain

Apna auqat sirf itni hain, kuch nahi baat sirf itni hain

Kal bhi tukron pe unkein paltein the, ab bhi tukron pe unke paltein hai

Rok leti hain aap ki nisbat, tir jitne bhi ham pe chaltein hain

Zikr Sarkar (pbuh) ke ujaalon ki, benihayat hai rifhatein khalid

Ye ujaalein kabhi na simtein ghe, ye voh suraj nahi joh dhaltein hain

Rok leti hain aap ki nisbat, tir jitne bhi ham pe chaltein hain

Yeh karam hain Huzoor (pbuh) ka ham par, aane valein aazab dhaltein hain.

Allah one


I was listening to a lecture by Mufti Muhammad Akmal about AyatulKursi that was simply mind-blowing. A few points I would like to share. He said sometimes we listen to naats or see other people behaving like they are setting others beside Allah. But in reality a simple different kind of thinking kan determine whether that is shirk or not.


Three points determines whether something is shirk

When you put things to test through three points you will manage to determine whether it is shirk or not. Those three points are :
1. Is it something that one has always had or is it given to you by someone?
2. Is it something that will never end or is it something that could end or has an end?
3. Is it something that has no limit to it or is it something that is within limits?


Asking from the Prophet (pbuh)

Whenever we listen to different kind of people they say that asking something from our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is shirk. Mufti Akmal explains this in a very nice way that was very easy to understand. If we think that what we are given from the Prophet is because it is given to him from Allah, and that it is something that will end, and that it has limits, than it is not shirk. Like we know that Allah can see everything, but we can also see so are we doing shirk because we are doing the same as Allah, seeing? Mufti Akmal explained that the case is that we know that our sight is given to us by Allah, it has an end and limits. Allah`s seeing is not given to him by anyone, it has no end, and no limits. When we think like that it is not shirk.


The intention of visiting the graveyard

Mufti Akmal also said that sometimes we see people go to different graveyards of different friends of Allah. Some say that going to these graveyards is shirk. But that depends of the niyah of you going there. If you believe that what is given to the walli is from Allah it will have an end and it is within limits it isn`t shirk. If we use these three questions whenever we are unsure about whether an action is shirk it will help us determine whether it is or not.


Asking from a friend of Allah (Walli)

Some say that we can`t ask walli`s for help but if we think that what is given to us from them is given because they have gotten it from Allah and not themselves than it is not shirk. Because when we think that what they have gotten will end and it has limits than it wouldn`t be shirk to think like that because it isn`t putting them as rival to Allah.


Is it shirk to listen to naats ?

Back to naats. So when people listen to naats they often are asking our Prophet (pbuh) of help. Mufti Akmal says that some people say that when we say “Ya RasolAllah” he hears us even though he is far away. But other say that it is shirk to think like that. The Mufti explained that if we for one could believe that Allah is far away from something than we would be doing shirk. But Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein. He is close to us and everything always. So saying that our Prophet is hearing something from far away wouldn`t be shirk because Allah isn`t far away from anything. So they are not alike.


Shirk everywhere

Yes we should learn from scholars from the right kind of scholars that explains thoroughly what shirk actually is and how to determine whether something is shirk or not. Some people have the attitude that they say that everything is shirk. Though Mufti Akmal explained in this video that it depends on how you think and whether it passes the tree questions mentioned above. If you would like to listen to the whole lecture it is called the bayan of Ayatulkursi by Mufti Akmal at youtube. I would highly recommend it (thumbs up). May Allah always protect us from setting a rival against Him and give us the correct aqeedah so that we can do ibaadah that will give us fruitful outcome, in sha Allah, ameen summa ameen.

i love prophet muhammad

Kaaliyan zulfan waala dukhi dilan da sahaara

Kasm khuda di meno sab naalo pyaara

Dasan kivein Mustapha (pbuh) di kiddi sohni shaan hain

Aap di tarif wich saara hi Quran hain

Parr ke to vekh zera marzi sipara

Kasm khuda di meno sab naalo pyaara

Kehndi hain Haleema (Ra) mukh vekh lajpaal da

Lab ke leyavan kitho sohna tere naal da

Chaudwin da chann te arsha da taara

Kasm khuda di meno sab naalo pyaara

Eda sohna nabi koi dunya te aya nahi

Yaar eho jeha koi rab ne banaya nahi

Kasm khuda di meno sab naalo pyaara

Kar ke ishara sohna suraj no mordha

Appein chann torda te appe chann jorda

Bighri banavein mere nabi da ishara

Kasm khuda di meno sab naalo pyaara

Dende ne gavahi zarre zarre kohitoor de

Vekhde naseeba waalein jalwe huzoor dein

Amina (Ra) da chann te Halima (Ra) da dulaara

Kasm khuda di meno sab naalo pyaara

Kaliyan zulfan waala dukhi dilan da sahara

Kasm khuda di meno sab naalon pyaara

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My Prayer..

“O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light and make me a light. O Allah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.” Ameen

Bukhari and Muslim

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Surah 105 Al Fil

Let not man be intoxicated with power, Or material resourses, They cannot defeat. The purpose of Allah. So Abrahah Ashram Found to his cost. His sacrilegious attack On the holy Fane of Allah brought about His own undoing:what seemed but frail Destroyed his mighty hosts in a day!

The foolproof tip of the day for everyone else!



(",) My Mum always says that
you should marry someone
who loves you more than you
love him, because that man
would never ever make you cry
or be the reason that your
sheding tears. He would do
anything to always keep you
happy and satisfied (",)


(“,) Your heart is mine and mine is yours, and so it`s been since I`ve known love`s true meaning itself, holding each others hand we stand together beneath the lovely sky, gazing towards the same destiny, just U and I (“,)

Naat/hamd-Quote of the moment :)

Saari duniya ke liye dard
se mahmor hain jo..
Ik faqat Rehmat-e-aalam
hi ka seena dekha..

Ye sab tumhara
karam hain Aka
ke baat ab tak
bani hoyi hain..

Ehsas dein toofik dein..
Phir jazbaen Siddiq dein..

Kya ye zarra likhein
Shaan Unki, jin pe
bejhein Salaam
khud Khudai..

Quote of the moment :)

Though we might sometimes
have to struggle through thick
or thin,We will receive each
other’s support to be there to
win..And we will blossom like
this through eternity..
Ameen summa ameen

Når du er forent med en
du elsker, er det ingenting
du ikke klarer :)

Gode ord skaper tillit.
Gode tanker skaper
Inderlighet. God
giverglede skaper

Mood :)