Peace Of Mind

We all have our moments of worries in this world. There is always anticipation for something good to come in our life. It could be getting a better grade at school, getting a job, getting married, wanting children, good health etc. We are always waiting for something to come to us, which could lead to… Continue reading Peace Of Mind

The most successful wife :)

She is obedient, kind and loving towards her husband, ever eager to please him. She does not disclose his secrets or upset his plans. She stands by him at times of hardship, offering her support and wise advice. She shares his joys and sorrows. She endears herself to him by the way she looks and… Continue reading The most successful wife đŸ™‚

When Is Your Soul Happy ? :)

What makes one happy? When you follow the guidance from your Lord you feel inner contentment and peace and happiness. When you are surrounded by your loved ones and everyone is happy, you are happy. When you feel that you are making a positive difference in other muslims lives, you are happy. When you manage… Continue reading When Is Your Soul Happy ? đŸ™‚