Can You Relate ?

When inviting others to Islam, it is important that we don't scare others away. By telling the hard-core truth, at every start. The dai most talk such sentences he/she thinks will touch hearts. By slowly make people think and evaluate their life, where they are heading, and where they can be. Same people are motivated… Continue reading Can You Relate ?

Giving Naseeha/Advice

You never know how your positive encouragement can help people. Just because one of the youths you know are misbehaving in any way, it does not imply that they will always be like that. It is our responsibility to look for the good in others and encourage them to improve themselves. Just because a person… Continue reading Giving Naseeha/Advice

How to give naseeha to fellow muslims :)

The wonderful thing about Islam is that when oneself starts being more practising you want other to also feel the joy of being a good muslim as well, so you share your stories and your naseeha`s to other in hope that they also find the blessings of being a good muslim. I mean who doesn`t… Continue reading How to give naseeha to fellow muslims đŸ™‚

Our responsibility to call other people to the truth.

If you want for your brother what you want for yourself than your iman is intact and on the right place. And since we muslims are ambassadors for our religion we would want other people whom may be living in ignorance, also to accept Islam so that they also might have the chance to prosper,… Continue reading Our responsibility to call other people to the truth.

Figthing in the cause of Allah :)

I wrote a poem, which I would like to share:) When you care of other people. When you help them smile, is it simple? You can receive so many blessings by one word. Say Saalam to fellow beings in a way that shows thankfulness not a sword. Fighting in the cause of Allah can be… Continue reading Figthing in the cause of Allah đŸ™‚

We are ambassadors of Islam

One would become a better dai by being a better human being. We can`t call ourselves good muslims by all the backbiting and lying each and every person does. By working on our universal values, we can be better ambassadors for our religion as well. Sometimes in between my work and home i sometimes get… Continue reading We are ambassadors of Islam