A Helping Hand That Doesn`t Backfire

Most people with a caring nature and good values, would happily give a helping hand to anyone in difficulty, even if they wouldn`t personally know who the other person is. Sometimes without even thinking of it having any consequence for themselves in the future. Are You Careful Who You Help? As time has become more… Continue reading A Helping Hand That Doesn`t Backfire

Not Expecting Anything In Return

Often when we like or love someone we often might be achieving some sort of benefit from them. Like parents love their children, but expect that they take care of them when they need them. Loving your spouse because he provided for you and takes care of everything for you. Friendships are maintained when people… Continue reading Not Expecting Anything In Return

Joint family`s, to be or not to be?

I have sort of been brought up in a joint family, as my brothers got married when I was only 18. So til now I`ve had a few good experiences as well as bad experiences with it. The good experiences are that one has the elders with one, that is an easy way of achieving… Continue reading Joint family`s, to be or not to be?

To meet everyone`s expectations :)

Each and every person in this world has some people who has different types of expectations towards that individual. Sometimes there are clashes between these expectations. Your parents, your beloved, your sister, your brother; all these people have their way to live their life. My way isn`t always different from my loved ones, but they… Continue reading To meet everyone`s expectations đŸ™‚