Butterflyz – By Alicia Keys

Simply love this song:) Here are the lyrics sung by Alicia Keys.  Butteflyz Lately when I look into your eyes. You're the only one I need in my life. Baby, I just don`t know how to describe, how lovely you  make me feel inside. You give me butterflyz. I`ve been flying so high in the… Continue reading Butterflyz – By Alicia Keys

Bye bye birdie.. Come back next year :)

Since summer started one starts to notice all the beautiful creatures of Allah joh ke saamne atein hain. Like all summer we`ve had a bunch of birdies flying around in our neighborhood. It was so fun to look at them, to see them flying, like taking the loop sometimes and waakehi apni ada dikhana:) Really… Continue reading Bye bye birdie.. Come back next year 🙂