How to get rid of frightening thoughts

I often get amazed thinking of how frightened non-muslims are about the matters that their religion or culture has no explanation about.
Islam speak about these matters. Although this is scary information, Islam helps us to have tawakkul (reliance) in our God. And strengthen our belief, that Allah, our God, is in control of every living creature we can see and we can’t see. Not only in the 5 meters of our room, but in the galaxy, in all the galaxies, in all the planets, in all the inhabitated places, he is in control of ghayb and everything else. For a muslim that is security. Allah is in control over every good and evil human, jinn and creature. He is protecting us when we know we are in danger. And when we did not know that we were in danger. Allah loves us more than if our mother multiplied with 70 of the same mother. He doesn’t want us to get harmed. That’s why he made some rules and regulations about how we can protect ourself, our loved ones, and our belongings. I can imagine how much anxiety someone whom doesn’t know about this must be experiencing. Because the time when I didn’t know a lot about Islam, and the time I know much more, because I obey Allah, is as from being in darkness and coming closer to light.

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